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High speed camera system for industrial monitoring

Tracking and analyzing production line work flow can help companies save millions in time and money, while even improving the product itself in some instances. Identifying problems throughhigh speed cameras and their vision data collection can improve all areas of workflow and product quality without man-intensive on-site inspections can reduce costs and also free resources for other tasks.


Using high speed cameras such as TROUBLEPAD to monitor and record data even in real time can provide a resolution to several areas and uses the GIGE international standard established in 2006 for all industrial cameras. Troublepad is an all in one solution, consisting of several components including, principally, a versatile high speed camera, high fps and resolution, a tablet with specialized, powerful but simple to use software, which is highly adaptable to nearly any production line environment. The sharp high fps image and high resolution provide perfect details. Visual data can be recorded and analyzed either by operators, management or even A.I to further increase speed and precision in certain cases.

What are the advantages?

There are numerous advantages to using TROUBLEPAD high speed cameras and visual data solutions in your production line. High fps, frame rate and vision resolution with variable speed playback allow for detection of product flaws or issues usually not possible with the naked eye.

Compact & Versatile

The fact of being ultra compact allows the high speed camera to be easily installed anywhere to provide a perfect vision or image of either the product or workflow using the industrial GIGE standard. Installation, clamping or attaching to any framework is easy and telescopic arms give even more flexibility to record the best vision or image at the perfect distance or angle.

Contamination Free Solution

The high speed camera is battery powered and therefore requires no additional wiring or complex connections, which can be difficult in certain production environments. Being remote and having a real-time visual image allows operators to avoid wasted time intervening in an area to check a part of the production process. Some areas are dangerous or require a clean zone, so using remote vision cameras eliminates production shutdown and even cleaning, not to mention the health and safety factor for the operators. High speed GIGE compatible cameras with high fps and resolution have no pollution risk, which is extremely important in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industries, for example.

Control & Ease of Use

The tablet provides complete control of the recorded data, even allowing slow playback to identify problems with the product in the production process or the workflow itself. Moreover, the tablet provides not only a means to have visual image data but to configure the camera remotely with different parameters depending on requirements such as fps or frame rate, resolution etc. The integrated software is also extremely simple with an intuitive user interface but at the same time powerful and flexible enough to reply to any industrial demands concerning high speed camera vision.


Norms and standards are important and TROUBLEPAD uses international industry GIGE connection standards used by all top quality high speed cameras on the market. Integration is a key word today, as is stand-alone. TROUBLEPAD high speed cameras handle both seamlessly and can be used as a complement to an existing system or as the complete high speed camera solution.

Accessories & Functions

Trigger boxes provide essential control of the data and high speed images taken by the camera. These can easily be set up to manage the camera operation. An added feature for the camera is the integrated light, which allows the camera to record, at a high fps, image data in dark or poorly lit areas without the need for additional equipment.

Cost Efficient

No specialised training is required for TROUBLEPAD. The simple-to-use system really requires little or no training, which is a considerable saving when choosing a GIGE standard solution. Concerning adaptability, high speed cameras are suitable for every production line or manufacturing center, irrespective of product, due to their compact form and other advantages listed here.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the TROUBLEPAD high-speed camera system offers a comprehensive solution for industrial monitoring and production line optimization. By harnessing the power of high-speed cameras and advanced visual data analysis, companies can streamline their workflows, enhance product quality, and ultimately achieve substantial cost savings.

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