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5 Tips for Outsourcing Product Development

Just because you came up with a great idea for a product doesn’t mean you also have to do the design yourself, especially in case you lack certain technical skills. If you’re a small business, you simply won’t have the same resources as large corporations. In order to save money and get a high quality product, many entrepreneurs have started outsourcing product development. However, don’t think you’ll just explain your idea and have someone else create a finished product. The process of outsourcing product development is more complex than that.

First of all, you’ll have the option to choose between hiring a freelancer and a specialized agency. No matter who you choose to give your project, you must interview them and be certain they’re the right person or company for the job. Don’t hire the first ones you come across. Instead, talk to different engineers and agencies to get a sense of who might be the perfect fit for your idea. In order to ensure your outsourcing efforts are a success, it’s recommended you follow these five tips.

Stay in the Loop and Retain Control

Just because you’re letting someone else design the product doesn’t mean you should stop being involved in the development. If you don’t stay in the loop there’s a good chance the finished product won’t look like what you’ve envisioned. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur it is essential you learn more about the development process. When your business grows to a certain point, you won’t outsource this process anymore.

By being involved in the development phases, you’ll be able to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. Remember that you were the person who came up with this unique idea and it should come out exactly as you imagined it.

Outsource to an Agency

While freelancers working in this field may be cheaper than agencies, you won’t be guaranteed exceptional work. There is no denying that some freelancers do an excellent job of designing the product, but when you hire an agency you’ll be getting into legally binding agreements with them that ensure your data and interests stay protected. You should hire a company that provides custom formulation development services. When you hire an agency, you’re guaranteed to get at least a few different prototypes that you can review and comment on before you get the actual finished product. This will help you ensure you get what you wanted.

Good Communication Is Essential

When you’re interviewing people and companies, make sure you see how quickly they’re able to respond. If you’re passionate about your product that means it’s very important to you, which is why you must make sure those working on it will view it as a priority. You should always be able to get an update shortly after you request it. Note that through good communication you might even develop new skills that will come in handy in the future.

Outsource to Add Value to Your Products

Although outsourcing product development is definitely a great idea if you’re looking to reduce costs, it’s important you also view this as an opportunity to add value to your product. With that being said, you shouldn’t hire the person or agency that will complete the job for the smallest amount of money. Instead, find someone who will do the job properly and create a product you’ll be happy with.

Get a Second Opinion

Determining what your product should look like is a very important decision, and you shouldn’t rely on just one freelancer or agency. Getting a second opinion is crucial if you want to have a good finished product. Someone who hasn’t worked on the development may notice flaws other engineers couldn’t. With that being said, you should consider hiring an independent engineer who’ll review the work done by whom you choose to hire for the development process.

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