4 Major Mistakes That Can Ruin Your MBA Thesis

No one understands the importance of a thesis other than an MBA student. Creating a thesis or academic research often seems to be an overwhelming task for management students, given the fact that they have to work on different projects simultaneously. Under such circumstances, it is quite common for students to commit simple mistakes, which may eventually lead to lower grades.

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your MBA Thesis

A management student is supposed to become a potential future manager. Hence, the professors feel that MBA students must pay attention to their responsibilities. After conducting an in-depth research around the art of thesis writing, we have come forward with some of the major mistakes that the students commit while preparing their academic paper. Let us discuss them in brief.

Choosing an uninteresting topic

There are certain topics that you are passionate about, while the others involved in the process may not feel the same. Here, ‘others’ are meant to symbolise your professors and fellow classmates. It has been seen that many students choose topics relevant to their interests and work hard to accomplish their job. However, they end up achieving average marks, which is extremely heart breaking. Professors at the leading Universities say that some topics are not similar in importance as compared to others. Students often use topics that are close to their heart but in reality, those topics do not have any resemblance to their education program. In such cases, the target audience cannot relate to the content. Therefore, avoid such a mistake that can disgrace your hard work.

Lack of Research

This is yet another mistake, found common among many management students. A student at the Masters’ level is expected to conduct much more research for his/her academic paper, as compared to what he/she had done in the past. Doing enough research will help you to gather more information, which will allow you to apply your creativity sophisticatedly. Additionally, supporting your argument with relevant references will enhance the credibility of your thesis.

Lack of organisation

An MBA program is a student’s initial step towards the managerial world. It is obvious that a manager has to be highly organised. As a management student, you must not avoid the importance of developing effective organisation skills, since you would require them the most while working on your MBA assignment. Losing track of all the resources, quotes and citations will not only make things difficult for you, but not being able to use them in your assignment will also diminish your chances of securing better grades.


You must have heard that movie artists are constantly protesting against piracy of their art. Not only movies, but the term ‘piracy’ is also associated with every form of art, whether it be a song or an MBA thesis. It is likely that you will not be pleased if someday, suddenly you figure out that someone else has submitted your work, labelling it as his ‘exclusive’ research paper. In the past few years, the advent of the internet has led to the rise in the number of plagiarised documents. And you should avoid it at any cost. Professors are smart enough to detect your ‘copy pasting’ skills. Keep in mind that plagiarism is the stealing of intellectual art and you are in the B-School to become a manager. Therefore, avoid the temptations of smart work. Always remember that success has only one route and that is hard work.

Avoiding these mistakes will make sure that your thesis receives the amount of appreciation it deserves. After all, you have been working hard, day and night to polish your inner managerial capabilities. Let not silly mistakes narrate your future. Take control of your abilities and deliver the best possible results. Be a manager of your own skills.


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