Essay Writing Tips to Impress the Admission Committee

Traditionally, when you apply to a college, you are asked to craft an essay as a part of the application. Writing an essay gives you a chance to reveal your personality to the admission committee, and gives the additional information that is not supposed to be given in other areas of the application. In addition, this task demonstrates your abilities to complete a writing project.

Here are suggestions from our professionals that will help you craft a memorable essay and stand out of the crowd of other applicants:

Select a topic to highlight your personality

Your paper should not be focused on benefits of a certain educational institution, or after-school hours you had during your high school years. Instead, make an emphasis on your personal story and ideas. Be creative and provide the information that is not revealed in other areas of the application, for example, your high school grades.

Begin with a funny story

Use a funny story as a hook to interest the committee right from the start. Instead of traditional making up of catchy first lines, open up by sharing a moment. Short funny stories become the attention grabbers and engage the readers in your story. In addition, they can reveal your character. Tell how this particular moment shaped your personality.

Hold your focus personal

You should not try to reflect several topics in your paper; otherwise, your essay will turn into a resume that does not give the information about your personality. Concentrate on a particular side of your character, so that the reader could get an idea about who you are. Make sure that your main idea is clear, and the committee will be able to follow it from the start to the end. Give your introduction to your parent or tutor to read and tell what they think your paper is about.

Write in your own voice

Do not rely upon thoughts and ideas that have been used by other people numerous times before. These can be such phrases as: “There are so many misfortunes in our world that I think I should give a helping hand to people.” Don’t use too formal language and unnecessary words. You may tell about your personal experience for the example mentioned above, and in what way it made you think you had to start taking actions. Remember that the admission committee will notice if your paper was edited by a grown-up.

Do not fall all over yourself

Often, applicants fall all over themselves to impress the admission committee. In fact, the admission officers are tired of getting essays about your victories in different competitions and how ingenious you are. They expect you to take a creative approach to the task. In addition, do not try to write in a difficult and high-flown language. Your paper should sound naturally, like it was written by a smart, interesting teenager. What the admission officers are really interested in, is your consciousness and sense of perspective.

Leave the dictionary alone

In the application, there is a particular section where you should demonstrate your word stock, so just leave it there. In the paper, you must use the words of your everyday speech. Using sophisticated, dictionary words in your paper will sound unnatural and distance the readers from you.

Tell about what interests you, and not them

Think about the things you would tell the committee if you were given the possibility to talk to them in person. The admission committee is expecting you to be honest and think critically. In your paper, demonstrate your ability to ponder over a certain issue and hold the readers’ attention.

Read essays that had success

Reading successful essays can be a good idea. You will see that they are actually quite simple and not award-winning papers. They are just parts of someone’s personality. After selecting a topic, write for about an hour. It must not take longer than that. It will not be difficult to find words if you write from your heart. You can also show your work to a parent or friend, and ask them for an objective, unbiased estimate. Reread it in a few days, but only once. If you go on rereading it over and over again, it will drive you crazy.

Show that you are passionate about learning

After all, admission officers are looking for someone who will graduate, achieve success in his career, and associate this particular college with his success. It is important to demonstrate that you are eager to study, inquisitive and have the ability to critical thinking.

Do not ignore the instructions

Even if the instructions in the application seem quite ordinary, if fact, every word in them has a reason. Remember that you are expected to do what you are asked for, so do not underestimate the instructions, as colleges put a deep sense in them.

Provide more information about yourself

Colleges cannot research each individual student, so the admission officers can only decide by what you write. They cannot connect the dots if you do not tell them something. So, imagine yourself sitting in front of the committee and replying to the question, “What else do you think we should know about you?” Your paper must be a full and involving answer to this answer. Remember that an essay is a small piece of a huge puzzle that reveals your personality.

Provide examples for your ideas

Simply stating the facts to convey your idea is not enough. For example, you want to say, “I like communicating with people who have different interests and backgrounds.” Provide examples and details to develop your thought. You may provide the description of a situation when you found yourself among people with different interests. Tell about what you were doing and what thoughts this situation inspired.

Ask someone you trust to proofread

After you write the paper, spend some time on proofreading. Do not trust computer programs too much in terms of checking for errors. Often, such programs miss some typos. Ask your tutor or parent to read and tell if there are mistakes in the paper. And do not forget to ask if your essay sounds like it is you.

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