How a Learning Management System Can Improve Your Company’s Training Process

This year, many of us have seen our workplaces radically transform overnight to accommodate online work.

We were still sitting in our offices in March and by April we were working completely online from the inside of our homes.

The entire world has had to rethink the way that we work and innovate to adapt to the current situation and prepare for the future.

Job training is a key example of this.

With the rise of remote work, the traditional on-site job training process has become incompatible (and perhaps obsolete) with our professional practices.

So companies around the world have begun adopting online training processes to address the challenges brought about by remote work and learning management systems (LMS) have been the key to this.

What is an LMS?

The role of an LMS can differ from company to company, but it is generally an online platform used to host and deploy training courses for new employees.

Courses can be uploaded and stored on the platform, and your trainees can remotely access them from anywhere to complete their training.

You can create your own training materials to use, and/or use built-in authoring tools to help you create those materials.

Today many companies successfully utilise an LMS as the core of their hiring and training process.

The flexibility and customizability of these online platforms can provide huge benefits to your company’s growth and can even fully replace in-person training.

Personalise Experience

An LMS allows you to customise specific learning resources and experiences down to the individual learner.

You can create a wide range of training modules for every position and fit the needs of both the new hires and your training team.

With an LMS, your training team has a framework to create a training process that is fully aligned with their goals and with your company’s hiring initiatives.

This flexibility allows you to bypass the physical limitations of having in-person job training and can allow you to allocate training resources much more effectively.

For example, hiring out-of-state becomes much easier as new employees can be trained and ready to go well before they even relocate.

Organise and Track Data

Having an online platform to host your job training carries with it all of the benefits of a modern digital working environment.

All of your training data can be securely and accurately stored in a single cloud accessible by all members of your organisation.

Your management and training teams will have access to real time data showing the progress of your employees’ training process.

The training data will also give you detailed performance metrics regarding anything from assessment results all the way to learner engagement.

These analytical tools can then be leveraged to quickly and easily identify areas of weakness in your training process, and make informed decisions in improving it.


With the ever-increasing needs for online integrations within a company’s structure, a robust online training platform is an essential factor in growing your business.

As you continue to adapt to changes in the world, remember that LMS can be an incredibly powerful tool in your arsenal to improve your company.

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