Schools of the Future, Technology from Beyond

Movies back in the day would picture the society in year 2001 and further as an extremely technologically advanced one. Even if we are not living on another planet yet, we surely took a huge leap of faith in technology. Everything that surrounds us right now is a result of just a couple decades of in-depth investigation and research.

All this evolution is not only affecting the way we relate, or the way we work. But it affects in principle the way human beings are educated. It starts at a young age and it’s more and more engraved in our mind. Before, kids would play with sticks, afterwards with dolls, and nowadays with tablets. So how can we take advantage of this research and apply it to make this a better-educated world?

Starting with A and ending with Z

The content is still the same, it is only the approach that changes. Our children will still learn the same things we did. But using different methodology. By allowing them to play interactive games on tablets or computers, we are helping them develop their own solutions in a more efficient manner. Even more, we can add a bit more of fun to it:

  • Let them level up: This term is closely related to video-games, yes. But it makes sense in education as well. By playing their way up in the subject’s content, they will be allowed to advance at their own speed. This will remove pressure and sensation of failure.
  • Let them speak more languages: Coding languages are now widely spoken. Kids that learn coding young, will be able to learn actual languages faster. Not only will coding help them find a job in the future, but also learn logic, mathematics, and languages in a funny manner.

However, nothing of this can be done without the help of the teachers. This is why companies such as SchoolTechHub are now on the field training teachers how to use the tools and applications to help the next generations lead the way!

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