Importance of Online Education In India


Online education has seen a significant growth recently. It is one of the most important aspects in today’s education domain. Online education has taken away the limitations of sitting in a classroom for learning. It takes away the hindrances such as transportation, location, accessibility and cost. Many students from India usually go abroad to continue higher studies and getting better employment opportunities. If these students can get the same level of education from the comfort of their homes, their cost of travelling abroad would be saved.

Online education has revolutionized the way we look at education. India ranks second only behind the United States in terms of online enrollments, comprising of over 15% of students worldwide. These students get access to some of the best courses around the world and get skilled in various domains. Many universities now offer distant online education bringing the best instructors and professors into the homes of students.

Various courses such as MSc, MBA, MCA, Executive MBA, BA (Hons), Retail Marketing and Digital Marketing can be taken up online. There are many opinions with regards to the benefits of online education. One opinion states that online education can never replace classroom learning. Another opinion states that there are immense benefits to the concept of online education.


The debate about whether or not online education can take over the traditional learning system is still on. While some people still prefer the method of attending classes in an institute and sitting for regular lectures, there are others that prefer the flexible solutions that online education has to offer.

Online education comes with a number of benefits which why it is attracting a number of students towards it. One of the best things about the online education structure is that a student is not limited to a geographical location to attend a course. The fact that a student can pick a course from any country and successfully complete it in the comfort of their home makes these courses very popular.

Since these courses do not require students to physically attend the class, it is a cheaper alternative that enables people to learn at lower costs. While some people believe that online education is not as effective as traditional education systems, the truth is that these courses are just as affective and enable students to understand and learn the course in the right manner. The only drawback with online education is the temptation to miss classes and attend them only in your free time. People who take up online education need to understand that they need to be serious about the course in order to finish it on time and for the course to benefit them.

A number of people believe that an online degree does not hold as much value as a traditional degree, however this is not true. The degree holds just as much value and how you perform on the online course helps to shape your career. This is why you need to spend time to decide which course you want to take up and also ensure that you dedicate enough time to the course. Many students in India aspire to get into the business and IT domain. Online education does not come with any restrictions and students from varied backgrounds can opt for these courses. The fees for online education are expected to go up in a few years because of the advancement in technology and software being used for delivering these programs. Distance education has huge potential in the country and many students have high expectations from it. Many universities have also seen the potential of online education and have initiated various online courses.

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