Best Resources for MA Degree Candidates

bookStudents working towards their Master's degree were once limited to the boundaries of their local library. Today everything is different. Although the competition in MA programs is incomparably tougher, the work is also made much easier with online resources that help the candidates learn and prepare their MA projects in a simpler, more effective manner.

These are online resources many MA students don't know about, but can help them gain their degrees faster:


Mastering new skills can always make you better at what you do. At, you can access over 2500 video tutorials that help you improve your creative or business skills, teach you something about software or anything else you would like to know more about.

2. Ninja Essays

If the Master's thesis is an overwhelming project, you can rely on the assistance of this essay writing help site. Professionals who have already obtained their MA and PhD degrees help students overcome the difficulties in academic writing and produce state-of-the-art content.

3. Code School

You can always turn yourself into a better job candidate after you get your MA degree if you add "web development and coding skills" to your resume. At this website, you can learn several coding techniques and languages via easy-to-follow courses.

4. Moodle

The Moodle project enables its users to create personalized learning environments through the secure, robust, and integrated system it provides. Setting up a learning website can be a huge contribution towards the success of your main MA project.

5. Edublogs

Working on your own blog will keep you inspired to explore new ideas, and you will get valuable feedback that will help you develop a stronger Master's thesis.

6. Tuts+ Network

At this website, you can access a resourceful library of tutorials, ebooks, and guides that will help you learn just about anything. Each topic is covered with a separate website, so your learning resources will be cleanly organized.

7. Mozilla Developer Network

At this website, you can get learning resources and detailed documentation that will help you learn web development. This project also features a community of web developers that enables the members to connect, collaborate, and inspire each other.

8. MIT Open CourseWare

At this website, you can choose between various formats of content, including video and audio lectures, and improve your knowledge in the fields of Technology, Environment, Life Sciences, and more.

9. BBC Learning

Many students have heard of this website, but often underestimate it because they haven't explored the contents it offers. You can access online courses that can be very helpful for your Master's education.

10. Academic Earth

This website features tutorials and content provided by some of the most prestigious academic institutions from all over the world. You can improve your knowledge in Science, Religion, Languages, History, Engineering, Philosophy, Maths, and more.

11. Peer 2 Peer University

This educational project will help you create your own course with the provided tools on the website, but you can also access several easy-to-follow courses that are featured at the website.

12. TED

Some of the leading names in all fields of expertise share their wisdom via TED, so you can be assured that you will find materials worthy of being mentioned in your thesis.

13. University of the People

This is a tuition-free, nonprofit university that offers various courses in technology, science, arts, commerce, and more. It will help you improve your knowledge on the subject of your interest and gain a degree without paying a fortune along the way.

14. W3Schools

If web development is the new skill you want to master, this website will help you with its learning resources and tutorials that cover all major aspects of web development. In addition, you can also enroll into the online certification program and get a proof of your newly-acquired skills.

15. Udacity

This website enables you to accomplish your mission of obtaining higher education by providing interactive online courses and classes in a wide range of topics. Udacity offers some of the most advanced online programs, including Cryptography, Robotics, and more.

No goal is impossible with the right tool in your hands

Earning a Master's degree is a difficult, expensive, and challenging goal. However, you can make this aim less overwhelming if you explore the above-listed tools and start using some of them today!

If you have any questions, please ask below!