Why Customized Gel Packs are Great for Branding

One of the biggest marketing ploys in today’s society is providing both potential customers and employees with branded products. The branding will have the company logo as well as contact information; phone number, email, website, etc. It is best to choose items that people use on a regular basis such as pens, notepads, and phone cases. Pens are the most common because they are small and cheap and easy to produce en mass. Because of this, companies looking for items to use for branding need to consider new products and forget about the traditional pen. Every company, big and small has branded pens; it is time to think outside of the box. The product you need to be considering is gel packs, also referred to as ice packs. Listed here are all of the reasons that gel packs are the branding product that you have been looking for.

Consider all of the potential uses for using ice packs for your brand if you’re in the health sector. They can be used in coolers, lunch boxes, and reusable shopping bags to keep food cool. They can also be used for various injuries such as a black eye, a bump on the head, a twisted ankle, or a strained back. These are only a fraction of all of the uses for gel packs. Now consider how many times on average these gel packs will be seen with your company logo front and center. Every time that logo is seen, the bigger the chance that person will consider becoming a patron at your establishment.

Why would a person choose a gel pack instead of regular ice? There are actually quite a few reasons and that is exactly what we are going to discuss now. First of all, ice is messy when it melts. The melted water often leaks and runs all over the place, even if it doesn’t leak, it can very easily spill. Ice is not easy to transport and it melts much quicker than a gel pack. Because treating an injury, the cold lasts much longer when you use a gel pack. Overall, gel packs > regular ice.

What are gel packs made out of? Well, there are a couple of chemicals that gel packs are most prevalently made out of. The first chemical, that is generally the most commonly used is ammonium nitrate. This chemical and the water inside the pack are kept separate until the seal is broken. This type of gel pack works much like a glow stick, in that you have to bend or squeeze the pack until the seal is broken. The biggest problem with ammonium nitrate is that it is harmful to the human body if it is swallowed, inhaled, or touches the skin. Because of this, many gel pack manufacturers choose to use the chemical urea instead. The urea chemical works in a similar fashion to the ammonium nitrate in that it creates an instant cooling reaction when it mixes with water. There are also some additives in most gel packs. This includes water, minerals, sodium chloride, and preservatives. There is also the possibility that dye has been added to make it appear a particular color, usually blue.

Now that you know what gel packs are made out of and why people prefer them to regular ice. here is a list of some of the most common uses for cold packs.

  • Treat sprains – reduce swelling and speed recovery.
  • Ease itching – keep itching from rashes, bug bites or anything else at bay by applying a bit of cold.
  • Ease joint pain – reduce swelling which will ease the pain.
  • Treat bruises – bruises go away a lot faster when you treat them with cold packs.
  • Ease Headaches – this is especially great for anyone who suffers from migraines.
  • Ease pain in injection sites – the cold takes away the swelling and pain.
  • Treat black eyes – reduce swelling and aid in healing.
  • Put in lunch boxes – never have to worry about if that tuna salad sandwich will stay cool enough.
  • Put in coolers – head to your favorite picnic spot without having to worry whether or not your food will still be cold when you arrive.
  • Use in reusable grocery bags – keep your cold groceries cool for longer periods of time.
  • Chill chemicals in school labs – this way you don’t have to worry about chemicals that need to stay chilled while you are waiting for students to catch up.
  • To keep food cold during power outages – you will lose less food by utilizing this method which means ultimately saving money.

These are just a few of the many uses for cold gel packs. You now have a better insight into how often one gel packs will be seen by potential consumers.

Here are some ideas on how to best utilize company branded ice packs. The first possibility is to give them out at events, fairs, and conventions. When items are sitting on a table for free, people are incredibly likely to pick up that item and take it home. This way people will be able to see your brand logo on a regular basis and you will draw in potential customers. Another possible way to use branded gel packs is to give them to employees. They will use them and friends and acquaintances will see them and it will have a similar effect to the last option. If you do not want to set them on a table for free, consider adding them to goody bags or giving them in addition to a purchase.

There a great many customization companies that are now offering customizable gel packs along with all of the common branding products. It is very easy to find exactly what you are looking, great prices, excellent products, and fabulous logo prints. All you have to do is perform a quick search on your favorite search engine and you will find a multitude of possibilities. Be sure to find the best fit for you and your company.

There you go, all of the reasons you should choose. They have so many potential uses and you can count on your brand logo being seen regularly. Ditch those classic brand pens and step into the future of branding possibilities.

If you have any questions, please ask below!