3 Things to Highlight in Designing Banners for Advertising

Designing Banners It is not easy to design a banner that will be used for advertising. Before people can appreciate the banners hanging in malls and department stores, they have gone through a long process of editing and proofreading. If you are a business owner and you are planning to use banners to promote your company, then it is important for you to focus on the various elements of the banner.

Product name

Obviously, this must be included in the banner. Whether it occupies the largest part of the banner or not is ultimately your choice. Usually, business owners who have used banners before and are quite confident that people know their company don’t really give emphasis to the product name. Instead, they place the company logo or trademark that people can easily recognise, even from afar.


This should be the highlight of the banner. This is after all the reason why you are investing in the banner. You have promotions and you want people to know more about them. You want them to rush to your store and buy your products right away. The promotion related information must be written in huge letters. Phrases such as “50% OFF” or “BUY 1 GET 1 FREE” must be highlighted. This is exactly what people need to read. When they know that there is a promotion somewhere inside the mall, they will most likely go to that store.

Contact information

This is important especially for small business owners who are still introducing their company. You can’t expect people to come to your store and buy your products right away. They need to be given more details. Therefore, your company website link must be on the banner. Your contact number and email address must also be placed somewhere on the banner. Those who are interested in buying your products, but are still not certain, can easily go to your website or dial your number if they wish to get more information.

Once the most important details have been placed on the banner, other smaller details must also be included in it. This includes some graphics. The company tag line can also be included if there is still enough space. It is also possible to include photos of models, especially if you are selling clothes or beauty products.

It is tough going through the banner printing process. Even if you have found the right printing services company you still need to work with the layout artist so that you can come up with a great banner before you ask them to print it. You will also go through the same process for leaflet printing, flyer printing and brochure printing. Your company’s name is on the line. Therefore, everything needs to be perfect.

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