How to Brand Your Company’s Presentation

No one would ever confuse Nike’s signature checkmark with any other shoe brand. Branding is essential for establishing your company’s visibility and setting it apart from others.

A brand is a company’s message and livelihood. Your brand should be clear in everything your company releases — its advertisements, social media posts, and of course, presentations.

When you present your brand to an investor or potential consumer, it’s important that your branding elements (i.e. your logo, fonts, colours) are front and center.

A brand presentation should be unique, with slides that distill your company’s messaging. Consider getting presentation design services for your startup company to help you create a slide deck that accurately depicts your brand.

Establish a Branding Guide

HubSpot defines branding as the process of “researching, developing, and applying a distinctive feature or set of features to your organization so that consumers can begin to associate your brand with your products or services.”

A branding guide is a document that contains the visual DNA of your company’s brand. It is a primary visual resource that dictates everything that is part of your brand’s visual identity to maintain continuity and brand awareness.

This typically includes fonts, logos, and colours. Utilizing these brand-specific visual elements are an integral part of branding your presentation:

Fonts: This guide will dictate the type and size of the font used in anything visual related to your company.

Logo: This guide will include your logo — its colours, dimensions, and variations to use in different situations. For example, a branding guide will also include a black and white version of your logo in the case of greyscale printing needs.

Colour Scheme: Every brand has a series of colours that they are associated with. For example, Target and Coco Cola have a red and white colour scheme, whereas Spotify is white, black and neon green.

Your branding guide will determine your company’s colour scheme that will be present across ads, presentations, and anything else linked to your company. With the help of custom templates from a professional PowerPoint design company, you can be sure all headers, boxes and tables will follow your branding guide.

A presentation design company’s purpose isn’t to brand your company, but to help you integrate your branding into a slide deck in the form of templates and images.

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Utilize Custom Images

A good PowerPoint presentation agency will offer custom made-to-order graphics based on your own data, that align with your branding guide. This means that the images will be uniquely yours and created using your colours, fonts, and visual style.

This is far more impactful than repurposing an infographic made by another company. The best part is that you can use these infographics in your presentation, and on other platforms as well!

Use Your Logo

Your logo should be present throughout your presentation; it should be visible on custom images and the bottom left corner of each slide. This will keep your visual identity at the forefront of your presentation.

Create Custom Templates

Your visual branding should be consistent throughout your slide deck; utilize the same colours, fonts and colour scheme as per your style guide.

A good PowerPoint presentation company will be able to create branded templates that suit both your visual identity and the content and information you are presenting.

Custom templates will also keep your slides cohesive, clear and organized so that they are easy to read, understand and interpret.

Incorporate Social Media Handles

Scott Goodson once wrote for Forbes that “People don’t have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands.”

The thing is, your brand isn’t just your company — it’s all of its assets, including its social media handles. If your brand has a LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook where you can be reached, make sure they are made apparent on your presentation.

These handles don’t need to be on every slide but at least on the final ‘Thank You’ slide, along with your contact info. This way, your audience — whether it be an investor or co-worker — can gauge the company’s online presence and know where to get in touch.

This makes it easier to share your presentation’s assets later on and makes it more engaging and interactive. Your presentation should make your brand both enticing and memorable.

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