Channel Letter Signs and Where To Use Them

If you or your business are in need of a new sign to go on the front of your business, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the options that are out there. As the business owner in Ohio, you just want a sign that looks good and is going to last you for a long time – you do not want to be bothered by all of the terminologies that you don’t understand about a sign, you want straightforward information and easy to pick from options! This is where channel letters come in!

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

A channel letter sign is going to be one that has three-dimensional graphics designed into it. Each letter and/or number has its own structure as well as something that illuminates it on its own. In terms that may be easier to understand, a channel letter does not have to be just a latter: it can be any letter, number, or symbol that is done with third-dimensional graphics and when put together they make up an entire sign presentation. Each individual letter is made up of materials like aluminum sheeting and acrylic sheets which allows them to stay incredibly flexible so that they can be put up and moved around without the risk of breaking. The materials that make up the letters or other symbols can be put in a huge variety of molds so that a business owner can customize the fonts, colors, and sizes and make the end resulting sign into exactly what they are looking for.

How Are These Letters Made?

The letters may look simple, but they actually have several components that make them up including the face, the trim cap, the return, the backs, and the light source.

  • Face: The face is going to be the very front of the letter that lights up, and it is made of an acrylic sheeting that comes in any color you can think of.
  • Trim cap: this is what is used to attach the face to the body of the channel letter
  • Return: The return part of the channel letter is the side of it which will be the part that gives the letters their dimension. You can choose the depth of the return between 3, 5, and 8 inches.
  • Light source: You can choose a channel letter that is lit up or not based on your budget and preferences. Today, these signs are lit up primarily through the use of LED lights since they save on energy and costs.

Where Can These Channel Letters Be Used?

There a handful of places that these channel letters can be strung together and used to make a sign, and they all come with their own mounting options. Below is a guide to picking out the best mounting option for you, but if this feels overwhelming and as though there are still too many options to pick from, experts at making channel letter signs in Cincinnati can help you through your thought process to pick out the right materials for the type of sign you need.

Raceway Mount

These types of channel letters, in particular, are actually mounted onto a metal aluminum box. The boxes that the raceway mount channel letters are mounted onto come with all of the wires and power supplies that the letters will need in order to light them up. The letters are put into place and designed how you want them to be, then the entire box is attached to the outside of a building. These are best used on buildings or businesses that have to follow the town’s rules and regulations and not mount them directly onto the building itself: this includes places like historic buildings that the town does not want to sustain any type of damage or permanent markings on.

Directly Mounted Letters

Directly mounted letters are pretty much exactly what they sound like. These letters are fixed directly into the wall or structure of your building. Each letter is put on individually, and the letters are able to light up because the companies that hang channel signsand other places around the country install electric wiring into an internal spot on the actual building. This process is done very efficiently and the outcome looks well put together, but it does require the building to have a large number of holes drilled into it and the entire process for doing this type of installation takes a long time. If the building is yours or you know that your business will be there to stay, this will be a great option. It is a fairly permanent option so most businesses only use this method if they don’t plan on changing it or moving any time.

Fabrication Method

Fabricated channel letters have sides and backs that are made of only aluminum with acrylic only being on the faces. The illumination for these letters comes from the inside, so it is great for neon signs big or small. It can be signs mounted to a building or free-standing neon signs to really light up the night. Since they are made mostly from aluminum they are highly durable and long-lasting since they cannot rust.

Reverse and Halo Lit Letters

Reverse letters are made up with polycarbonate backs and the faces are comprised of aluminum. The design of these letters emits a halo light during the darkness, so they are best for places like hotels or hospitals that are open late but want to make sure their customers feel welcomed and know where to go when they arrive.

These types of signs are made up of individual lettering and can light up or stand alone and still be seen with no issue. They add an element of uniqueness to whatever business they advertise and they are easy to see thanks to their large size, and the graphics that make them three-dimensional. They are high-quality letters, durable, and will help get your business noticed in no time!

If you have any questions, please ask below!