5 Ways Marketers can Personalize the Marketing Experience

marketersIn order for any business to be successful, there needs to be some type of marketing plan. The exact type of marketing plan and the amount of money that is spent on it, will vary widely. It will depend on the type of business that is being conducted and many other factors. While there are many different ways to market a business, one thing has become more important than ever before. Customers want to see something that is relevant to them. The advertising needs to be more personal than ever before if it wants to attract customers.

Why Personalize a Marketing Plan?

It may sound strange to find ways to personalize a marketing plan. A business may think that doing this would be extremely difficult and would probably be very costly. Trying to tailor individual messages through marketing may be a different way of thinking, but it is possible and it is very effective.

When a customer feels like they are being treated as an individual rather than just part of a large group, they are more likely to build a connection with the business. They will feel that the business thinks they are important and that their business is valued. This is a way to build brand loyalty and can help build the long-term success for a business.

The key to personalizing marketing is knowing how to approach it and taking advantage of the tools that are available. When a business uses these 5 tips, they may be on the road to having a personalized marketing campaign.

  • Choose your audience - The first step towards creating a personalized marketing plan is to determine what the audience needs to be reached. There is no point marketing a product for men to an audience that does not include men. It is possible to narrow marketing campaigns down to target smaller groups. Advertising can be created that targets groups by race, sex, gender or anything else that seems appropriate.

In order to target a specific audience, the first step is to figure out what the audience is that needs to be reached. Tools that help collect data and that utilize predictive analytics are the best way to find the audience that needs to be targeted.

  • Utilize Social Media - One of the newest and most important tools that marketers have is social media. It can provide a way to reach large segments of people at a lower cost than other traditional forms of advertising. Social media advertising is the perfect avenue for many businesses and should not be ignored.

When it comes to personalizing marketing, social media also offers many advantages. The different social media outlets reach specific markets. By choosing the right social media outlets to use, a business can target smaller groups with a message that reaches that audience. It is possible to create different messages on the social media outlets to make each one more personal.

  • Connect Directly to your Customers - Customers want to be able to reach out to the businesses that they are dealing with. A good marketing plan will provide customers with a variety of ways to interact with the business. Emails, chat, messages in an app, and other methods that allow customers to provide feedback or get information immediately can all accomplish this goal.

In order to make all of this possible, a business will need the systems and tools in place to do it. A VoIP based phone system like DialPad is one of the best ways to allow customers to interact with the business. This phone system can give customers different options, allowing them better access to the individuals in the business via its IVR/auto attendant feature. It can provide information about the customer and their history with the business due to its seamless integration with tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. Dialpad can gather various statistics about the customers and allow for follow-up with them. All of these features provide with a more personal marketing experience.

  • Treat every customer as an Individual - For many years, businesses treated customers as a number. That is not working anymore. People want and expected to be treated as an individual. Systems that recognize the individual can help improve the experience for the customer. The online experience can be improved with tools that allow for tailored searches or that provide suggestions for a customer based on their history. With the help of computers, it is easy to create an individual marketing experience online.
  • Create a Custom Experience - In order to personalize marketing, the business will have to find ways to customize the information they are providing. Each of their customers is unique and needs to be treated that way. The key to online marketing is content, but it is also important to provide the right content for the customer.

There are tools that allow the business to find out what a customer needs and what type of content they expect. Using these tools will allow a business to create a unique experience for a customer that fits their wants and needs.

One of the things that a business will notice with these tips is that they are all catering to the individual. That is part of what people expect today. There will be some that think this is selfish of people to expect a business to cater to their needs, but it is not something that should be ignored. Instead, it is something that should be taken advantage of to help a business achieve the success that they deserve.

The key to accomplishing this is to utilize many different tools. Like any marketing strategy, making it personal requires a good plan that includes some way to track the success of what is being done. With that in place, it is possible to make the adjustments that are necessary to make the marketing plan successful.

In the end, with personalized marketing, everyone wins. The customers are treated like they are important and that they are valued by the business. The business is able to build customer loyalty and through that, more success.

Everyone has their own opinion about what types of marketing works best. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments about this topic, please take some time to share them with us.


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