8 Unique Promotional Marketing Items to Consider for Your Next Campaign

Running a promotional marketing campaign is all about branding your company’s existence in your customers’ minds. To do so effectively, you need to give out promo gifts that are truly unique and useful. To help you achieve this goal, here are eight unique promotional marketing items that you should be considering for your next campaign:

1. Baked Goods

Baked goods are often seen as a simple event-centric gift, but this is not the only potential for these delicious little treats. Especially if you bake treats that can last for a few days, you can send out packaged baked goods in baggies when sending out client orders. This will show them that you care and that you have the good taste needed to bake perfect, memorable, and delectable treats. Just make sure you avoid any allergen-laced baked goods when running this type of promo campaign.

2. Tote Bags

Few promo gifts are as all-around useful and exciting as a high-quality, well-designed tote bag. Especially if you understand how to design your tote bag to look cool and attractive, you can convince clients to wear them around town when they’re running errands. If they end up doing so, you’ll create a “walking billboard” advertisement that will help to promote your band and company in a highly organic, impressive fashion. Just make sure to take ample time in designing your tote bag to achieve this desired effect.

3. DIY Tools

There are many types of DIY tools to look into if you want to send out a truly unique and useful gift for your next promotional marketing campaign. The fact that DIY tools have seldom been used for promo campaigns on a wide scale will make your clients feel that much more surprised and happy when they receive a branded DIY tool. If you’re servicing crafty, creatively-minded customers with your services (or products), this campaign will be a surefire hit.


Do your customers love to read? If so, you need to consider sending out branded bookmarks with every order you ship, or with every item you sell. You can put your brand, contact information, and much more onto a bookmark with ease, making them a great way to keep your company deeply implanted into your customer base’s mind. The fact that you can buy literally thousands of bookmarks for incredibly cheap makes this promo gift idea that much more attractive for small businesses.

5. Flashlights

A solid flashlight can help you out in a ton of different scenarios. Even if you simply need a flashlight for handy work around the house, or a late-night hike through the woods, the tool can prove invaluable. By branding flashlights and giving them out to your customers, you can provide a unique and highly useful gift during your next promotional marketing campaign. This is another gift that will be especially attractive for businesses that serve more creative, DIY-minded clientele.

6. Dish Towels

Does your customer base love to decorate and make their home hospitable? If so, handing out branded dish towels can be a great way to connect with them on an emotional level. These can be a bit more expensive to produce but are a great way to provide a high-quality, unique promo gift during your next promo campaign. Just make sure you find a way to make your company’s logo look fitting on a dish towel. Softening up the brand, and finding a way to make it more “fancy” can be especially useful in this regard.

7. Plant Seeds

Giving the gift of life is always a solid idea. Plant seeds can encourage your clients to plant gardens that will save them money, help the planet, and provide them with a fun new hobby to enjoy, after all. Go with plant seeds that give birth to plants that are easy to care for (and to grow in the first place), however, as you do not want to give out a gift that could end up causing grief or frustration in the long run. Ask your customers to boost their new plant babies on social media for an extra brand-boosting charge!

8. Calendars

Calendars are an all-around fun and unique promo gift. Many people even collect calendars, which boosts their usefulness as a promo gift for your next campaign. Just be sure to design the calendar in a way that will fit your clientele’s aesthetic tastes, and you’ll have a surefire hit on your hands.

Time to Get Creative

The more creative you get with your promotional marketing campaign ideas, the more memorable they will be for your customer base. Making them realize how much you care is crucial to running a successful business, after all.

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