How to Organize a Social Event for Your Business

When planning a business-related social event you need to land on your feet for whatever situation might occur. Regardless of it being a light dinner or a formal lunch, there needs to be a plan that you'll follow to the letter in order for the event to be a success. Additional pressure may arise from the fact that it's a business meeting, which means you'll be responsible for a number of your esteemed colleagues, business partners, superiors and potential investors. An excellent way to meet these pressures head-on is to hire a professional keynote speaker. Sites like Leading Authorities allow you select from a unique and educated variety of speakers that will suit nearly any social event. Utilizing a professional speaker can turn an otherwise mediocre meeting into a great one, and a great meeting into an unforgettable event. Best of all, the website has an easy to use interface that allows you to select your speaker by a number of variables such as topics of expertise, location, and even price.

So, here are steps you should take to help yourself deliver the best social-business event possible:

1.Have a schedule

Making a schedule is the best thing you can do when being in charge of organizing something. Write down everything you believe you (or someone you hire) need to do before the event. Organize ‘tasks' by priority. Don't forget that you need to follow protocol. Don't start at minute to twelve with all the planning but smartly organize your time.

2. Invitations

A gift for youBe aware of what type of the event you are organizing before designing and sending out invitations. If you are in charge of something light and casual, go for cheerful, creative and unusual invitations. If, however, you organize a formal even, always stick to the protocol and keep invitations simple and clean.

Invitations should contain all information needed, such as:

a) time of the event
b) place of the event
c) attire (casual, smart…)
d) the name of the host
e) the reason the party is being thrown
f) the exact name of the person you are inviting (always mention whether there is a +1 option or if significant others or children are welcome)

3. Seating chart

When organizing the seating chart, make sure you never put opposing firms at the same table or people who have history of not communicating well. Even though everyone will try and be civilized, the point is not to have them sitting on needles and pins but enjoying. Also, it is not a very smart idea to let guests alone choose where to sit. Someone might steal them a seat and we all know frustration is easy to build up. So, organize number tags for all the guests and have them match particular tables.

4. Parking and greetings

For a party not to be taken as a joke, parking provided is kind of a must. In case the parking situation is difficult, consider either limiting your guest list, hiring a shuttle for your guests or pointing it out in the invitation. If there is the option of valet parking, make sure you arrange beforehand to handle the fees and gratuities for your guests.

Also, be a good host and greet your guests at the door. Don't be stiff on small talk.

5. Meals are important

You've got two options - sit-down dinner or a buffet. Go for the option you find will be better suited for the crowd you are hosting. Whichever you decide on, have both vegetarian and regular dishes. This shows you've put thought and effort into the whole thing.

6. Outdoors

In case you are throwing the event outside, you need to check for the weather. We had the opportunity to ask the experts from Shade Sails about setting up an outdoor canopy - is it a difficult procedure and should it be considered an option only in case of extreme conditions. The answer was reassuring; canopies are not only stylish and easy to arrange, but will protect your guests in case there's rain. With installing canopies, you are securing yourself from the event being a failure.

7. A Social strategy

Being active and reactive on social networks can really make a difference, if you take LinkedIn for an example, a wide social interaction will lead to somebody who knows many of your possible but not probable attendees, resulting in even bigger event awareness. Sharing updates on Facebook can't hurt, and notifying your G+ circles about the event won't either.

As much as it is important to welcome your guests properly, politely and with a smile, it is also crucial to wish them a proper goodbye. That's called sealing the deal, be sure to remember.

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