How a Serviced Office Can Become a Productivity Tool for Your Business


Success is a very subjective word. It means different things to different people. Even businesses have their own definitions of ‘making it.’ Some want to generate as much profit as possible, others are more interested in having a positive impact on their community. In either case, the destination may be unique, but many of the obstacles are shared.

For instance, every business owner wants to build a productive team with the ability to think fast and make good decisions. In Hong Kong, the foundations of a fantastic workforce are already established. The region is home to some very talented people. The real challenge, then, is making sure they feel supported enough to realise their full potential.

Keep reading to find out why serviced offices are the best way to help your employees reach peak performance.

No More Delays

The old adage “time is money” can feel all too relevant when you experience massive delays due to something within your business breaking down. Since the needs of clients don’t tend to subside just because you are going through technical difficulties, being able to quickly alleviate issues is vital for any business.

In a serviced office, everything from the heating and lighting to the phones, mailboxes, and furniture is fully managed by the provider. This means that, if anything breaks or goes wrong, you’re guaranteed an immediate repair or replacement. There is no disruption to essential routines.

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Luxury Environments

Second to having a smooth functioning office, with minimal requirements, is being able to enjoy a very beautiful workspace. The truth is that we all want to work somewhere that looks and feels fantastic. With a service provider, you could realistically afford a world-class suite.

As all of the logistical (heating, lighting, cleaning, etc.) resources are included in the monthly fee, you only have to budget for one payment. You could end up saving a substantial amount because you’re paying for a premium address but getting a complete office package.

Everything You Need

Especially for startups and new ventures, it can be financially unviable to have everything you need for success right at the beginning. That’s where serviced offices truly shine, as they provide your business with all the tools it will need to remain productive and profitable while you are still in the early stages of development.

This is not to mention the wealth of additional resources that serviced offices provide. Everything your employees need is contained within the serviced facility, so there is no task or project that they cannot handle. The result is a team that thinks faster and moves quicker.

Instead of spending time searching for new employees to help with things like web development and digital marketing, you can outsource tasks to the onsite staff. Serviced providers operate full back office support, with PA’s, receptionists, secretaries, and more.

Right in the Thick of It

If you want your employees to give you passion, creativity, and motivation, you’ve got to make sure their minds are always in the office. The goal should be to eliminate as many worries and concerns as possible so that they can really focus on the work.

With a serviced office, you’re giving the team a premium location that is worthy of pride. You’re also ensuring access to major transport links because these facilities are situated in the busiest and most popular parts of Hong Kong. They represent prime commercial real estate.

How to Relocate to a Serviced Office

Most vendors offer the chance to take a guided tour. If you’ve never visited a serviced facility or been inside a managed office before, this is recommended. It’s a great opportunity to check out the interiors and resources, as well as chat to current tenants.

The amazing thing about serviced suites is that many are available on a fully furnished basis. You can move in at any time after signing your contract, and the key utilities and broadband services will already be operational. All you need to move into a serviced office is your team.

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