Tips to Crack the Green Card Interview


Are you applying for green card? If you have applied for a green card, it is better to remain prepared.

The consequences of appearing for an immigration interview without proper preparation are quite frustrating.

The interview questions can be tricky, and in case you are not well prepared, you may not answer them.

The interview for green card generally takes place around 2-4 months after you file an application with USCIS or DOS. If you don't prepare well, you will face a delay in approval and in the worst scenario, you may face consequences like immediate denial, arrest and even be sent to the country of your origin.

Regardless of the place the interview is being held in, here are a few tips you can follow to receive a green card.

Go through the Application

Remember that you will be questioned on the information that you present in your application. Make sure that you review your form properly regardless of whether you have prepared it or it has been prepared by someone else. If you and your application speak two different things, your immigration officer will doubt your truthfulness.

Do not guess anything. One of the biggest mistakes that the petitioners make in the interview is guessing an answer when they don't have any clue to a particular question.

There is no need to memorize anything when you go for a green card interview. You need not learn anything by heart either to crack the interview. Just take a look at the application so that you know the details presented, make sure your answers match the answers on the form, and if you don't know the answer state that you don't know.

Carry Requisite Documents

Make sure you carry all the requisite documents at your green card interview. Carry the originals as well as the duplicates so that you can show them to the USCIS officer.

In case you are applying for permanent residence on the basis of marriage, you will be required to carry your

  • Passport as well as photo identification
  • Documents you used for entering the United States
  • Travel permits
  • Documents you did not send with the application
  • Marriage certificate and proofs showing your marriage is real

Reach Venue on Time

Soon after you clear the process of application, the USCIS will set a date date as well as the venue of the interview. Make sure you reach the venue well before the scheduled time.

You certainly don't want to be late for the interview.

Be Patient and Polite

The immigration officers need to meet a number of people every day. Make sure you are calm and reply politely when they ask you a question. Don't get offended. If you are applying for marriage based green card, be prepared to be asked a number of personal questions.

Be careful and don't answer any question hastily. You can't afford to remain silent for very long either as that would raise questions in the mind of the officer. Think before you speak and remain calm and composed.

Wait for Your Lawyer

If you have applied for a green card, get in touch with an immigration lawyer.

Not just through marriage, you can also get green card through investment. The entrepreneurs (along with their spouse as well as unmarried children below 21 years) who have made an investment in a commercial enterprise and plan to create at least 10 permanent jobs for the qualified employees of the United States can apply for green card. If you apply for a green card, it is better to get in touch with an EB 5 immigration lawyer of Miami. Who has handled many green card application for several entrepreneurs, They can prepare you better for the interview.

Your lawyer will help you understand what the process of getting permanent residence is like and what type of questions you may be asked in the course of the interview.

Even after you follow the above-discussed tips, you may be denied green card. Your application will only get denied outright if you don't qualify for green card.

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