Recommended Personal Injury Law Firms in Canada

injuryPersonal injury lawyers are legal counsel provided to individuals who feel they were injured through negligence or other actions by someone else. These types of injuries are not always physical and encompass a wide spectrum of damages.

Lawyers within this specialization typically do not charge fees, unless they win the case for their clients. The following collection of lawyers represents the best in Canada, who serves within this law category.

Oatley, Vigmond

This law firm possesses numerous offices throughout Canada to include North Bay, Toronto, and Barrie. The practice itself has over a century’s worth of experience in this field. Their specializations include medical malpractice, wrongful death, swimming accidents, and product liability. This firm was voted among the top five personal injury firms throughout the country. Contact the Oatley, Vigmond law firm for a consultation at (888) 662-2481.

Goldfinger Law

This practice serves the Toronto area and specializes in catastrophic accidents, drunk driving related accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip and fall accidents. They also offer services for individuals who have suffered brain injuries as a result of accident or actions of others. The firm provides representation in a multitude of language options to serve clients better. Among these choices are Bosnian, French, Spanish, and Greek. Contact the Goldfinger Law firm at (416) 730-1777.

Iacobelli Law Firm

The staff at Iacobelli Law Firm provides compassion and understanding to individuals who were economically or emotionally impacted by injury or the loss of a loved one. This firm specializes in medical negligence cases as well as products liability, and serious car accident case. Additionally, they provide representation for cases related to animal bites, construction accidents, and food poisoning. Contact Iacobelli Law Firm at (416) 900-1070.

Roger R. Foisy Personal Injury Law

Roger R. Foisy presents cases related to insurance disability claims, car accidents, lawyer negligence, and catastrophic injuries. Within his history, he has settled up to 95% of his cases without a trial hearing. He specializes in psychological and orthopedic injuries due to accident or negligence. He serves Milton, Georgetown, Brampton, and nearby areas. Contact Roger R. Foisy at(877) 286-0050.

Bergel, Magence LLP

Bergel, Magence LLP serves primarily personal injury cases. They specialize in the areas of car accidents, negligence, wrongful death, premises liability, and spinal cord injuries. This firm was voted top insurance lawyers in the Toronto area two years in a row. This team consists of over 30 lawyers with stellar experience and proven performance records. Contact Bergel, Magence LLP at (866) 492-3743.

In conclusion, these are the top five law firms in Canada. Each of the law firms was selected for their proven success rating and specialization in this field. Throughout their history are a multitude of winning cases and large settlements awarded to their clients. They offer services to include car accident injuries, animal attacks, injury due to negligence, and brain injuries. Through these specializations, these law firms provide top notch services to their clients and provide amicable financial settlements through negotiations. If you seek representation in a personal injury case of your own, feel free to contact either of these exceptional law firms directly.

Sam Moser graduated from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Sam was inspired when he came across the client story videos on the Oatley, Vigmond personal injury lawyers website.

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