Principles of Crime Prevention in Oxfordshire

In Oxfordshire, it doesn't really matter if your business is located in Bicester Village, Henley on Thames, or along the High Street, you can still fall prey to criminals intent on robbing you of your profits, your products, or the materials that you provide to the people of Oxfordshire. In order to successfully protect your company there are some basic principles of crime prevention that you should understand before you begin to create a plan of action for your employees to follow. Let's take a look at the facts of crime prevention so that you can get your layers of protection in place.


  • Harden your targets. This means that you make it harder for a criminal who just happens to be walking along from entering your company quickly and making off with some of your inventory. You can achieve this goal by upgrading your locks, replacing outdated windows and doors, and fitting your sash jammers with a stronger level of protection.
  • Remove the targets. If yours is a store in Bicester Village that provides upscale items to your clientele, you may want to keep some of the more expensive items locked up securely so that you can show the inventory to interested customers by appointment only. If you have costly items unattended on showcases without security measures, criminals can enter, rob, and leave on their own timetable without any problems.
  • Have a security system in place. You will want to partner with one of the security companies in Oxfordshire so that you can take advantage of their experience in dealing with crime prevention. You should discuss with them the services that they provide such as CCTV and access control and ask for their recommendations for your company. You may want to include security guards depending upon your inventory, an electronic security system, and the use of mobile security patrols. If you can locate a unique one-stop shop for your security needs, your entire system will be more streamlined and effective for you to implement.
  • Address environmental changes around your business. If the Oxfordshire alleyways have a great deal of graffiti or domestic waste, you'll want make sure that those issues are addressed by your local authorities; report broken street lights and other security issues in your area to police so that your company is protected even when you are not there. If there are shrubs or other plants located along the back of your building, you may want to contract to have them removed so that criminals won't have a place to hide when your security patrol makes the rounds during evening checks.

By working with a team of professionals, training your staff properly, and attending to the details of putting a myriad of layers of protection in place, you can effectively protect your company around the clock. You must first understand some of the principles of crime prevention so that you can address all of the steps that work together to provide you with safety and security.

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