Preparing for a Custody Battle Shouldn’t Be Painful

Child-CustodyIf you find that you’re about to be in the throes of a difficult custody battle, it’s likely you’re scrambling for help. A custody battle can be stressful, especially if you aren’t extremely confident that you’ll be able to convince the court that you’re the better parent. However, there are tried-and-true tips for making a great case and ensuring that your child or children wind up with you in the end.

Tips for Preparation

From a quick search online, it seems that most courtrooms typically go with the “better parent standard.” This essentially means that a court of law will more than likely make their choice depending on whom they deem to be the better parent. This is why it’s imperative that you build a strong case.

Pertinent documents that prove claims should always be brought to court. For example, if you’re trying to prove that you have, substantially, been part of your child’s life, bring along phone call records, receipts for food, entertainment records (theater tickets, etc.) — the more evidence that you can produce for the court, the better the chances that the court will rule in your favor. Don't take my word for it though, you want to make sure and meet with your lawyer or a private investigator that has experience in this area of collecting evidence and supporting documentation.

Additionally, you should understand the importance of presenting yourself in a professional manner for the hearing. This means wearing professional attire and conducting yourself in a reasonable manner. No matter how you feel about the other parent, it is imperative that you not let it show in court. Play it cool and let your lawyer do most of the work.

How a Private Investigation Can Turn the Stakes in Your Favor

For a thick, extra layer of security, it’s never a bad idea to conduct a private investigation on the other parent or your spouse. This is especially useful when you know that the other parent is severely lacking in their parental duties to the child, or if you are looking to gain favor with the court and therefore help you win the case.

Private investigators can reveal a significant amount of information on the other parent. This can be useful if the other parent may be stepping out of line in any way in terms of how your children are being raised or treated. For example, if you know for a fact that the other parent frequents bars on a regular basis, yet you have no way to prove it, a private investigation can easily provide you with hard evidence that you can use in court.

If you’re struggling to gain the upper hand in a child custody battle, stop the worrying and go with a private investigator. With the kind of evidence that a private eye can provide on your side, you can easily show the court with confidence that you are more fit for caring for your children. Don’t let your children down; use a private investigation to shed blunt light on what is really going on behind the scenes if you need to.

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