How to Save Money When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

lawyer-handshakeA personal injury lawyer comes in handy when you’re involved in an accident. In essence, such lawyers usually prefer to deal with patients who’re alive, regardless of the seriousness of their condition, than with dead ones. This is owing to the fact that you’re basically worth more alive than dead.

On top of this, injury lawyers usually scramble for clients who are seriously injured, but still breathing, because such cases are more lucrative. The defendant will prefer to settle outside the courtroom since the jury may sympathize with the victim and order a stiffer penalty. Before settling for a particular advocate, consider these 5 ways to save money when hiring personal injury lawyer that are effective and time saving as well:

1. Consider Commissions

It’s significant to be aware that injury lawyers usually charge a commission for their services. This will usually range from 33% to 40% in most cases. The figures may go lower or even higher, depending on the advocate selected. When you want to save some money, it’s advisable to bargain so that you can get the lowest rates available. When you have a good case, lawyers will automatically go for a low commission. On the other hand, they will be hesitant to work with a lower percentage when the case is weaker.

2. Your Earning Capacity

Injury lawyers usually win cases by arguing on the basis of the earning capacity of the client. This basically means that you can get good rates when you have a high monthly income. Why is this so? Since the accident may put you out of work for a certain time period, the lawyer will calculate the amount of income lost as a result. Those with higher incomes stand a better chance of saving more money when hiring the advocates.

3. Severity of the Injuries

In the opinion of Smiths Lawyers ore severe cases usually receive higher compensations. In the event that your injuries are severe, but not fatal, then you’ll be in a better position to get a lawyer at a cheaper rate. Advocates are more willing to work on such cases because the earning potential is more appealing. Taking into consideration that these advocates work on percentage basis, they’ll go for severe cases without hesitation because the jury is more likely to offer a handsome amount. Apart from this, the defendant will try as much as possible to settle the matter privately. In any case, it’s a win-win situation.

4. Appearing More Sympathetic

The jury will definitely offer a better compensation for a victim who appears more sympathetic. For instance, a little boy who has been run over by a vehicle and is on a wheelchair will without doubt win the favor of the jury. Although it’s immoral and illegal as well to pretend while in the courtroom, try to get the jury to empathize with you. Don’t go overboard but make sure that they feel what you do. Clearly point out the inconveniences caused as a result of the injury. The jury will consequently be able to get better compensation on your behalf. Negotiate for better terms with the injury lawyer as well.

5. Consider the Lawyer’s Time

Lawyers try to make as much money as they can at the shortest time possible. In that regard, ensure that you make your case worthwhile on the lawyer’s part. This can be achieved by simplifying it so that it can end quickly. Avoid stalling as this forces the lawyer to work extra hours and thus charging you more in the end. Try to discuss with the defendant for a settlement before taking the matter to court. When a lawyer sees that your case is a quick one, rates charged will drop drastically, almost instantaneously.

In general, one has to factor in additional costs that will be incurred, like filing and contract fees for instance. Calculate everything before you get into any contract to avoid inconveniences later on. By implementing these simple tips, you’ll be able to save a lot of money while still receiving the highest possible compensation for your injuries.

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