Famous Criminal Defense Attorneys

law-bookBeing a criminal defense attorney is one of the hardest jobs ever. You’re talking about defending a possibly guilty defendant and sometimes everyone just wonders why and how these attorneys are able to defend these guys. Some would say that the defendant has the right to a fair trial and that they are still innocent until proven guilty. That might be so much pressure to some, but to these criminal defense attorneys, it’s just like a walk in the park for these guys.

So here are some of the famous attorneys known for defending their controversial clients when they are scrutinized under the eye of the public.

Joseph Tacopina

Joseph Tacopina

Dubbed as the most hated attorney in New York and the devil’s advocate, Joseph Tacopina was first known to have assisted Bruce Cutler in 1992 with the murder trial of Gotti. Now he’s famous for defending the likes of ex New York Police officer Kenneth Moreno when the latter was accused of raping a drunk woman while Franklin Mata, his partner acted as his lookout. Some of his other famous acquittals were with Lillo Brancato, alleged cop killer and Hiram Monserrate who was accused of bashing his girlfriend.

Ed Hayes


Famous for defending the likes of Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy, R. Kelly, Rudy Giuliani and Daniel Liebeskind, Ed Hayes is one of those attorneys that celebrities call to whenever they are in legal trouble. Hayes has also represented Robert De Niro when the actor was suspected of assaulting a cameraman.

Murray Richman


Bronx attorney Murray “Don’t Worry Murray” Richman is famous for representing rap stars like Jay Z, Ja Rule and DMX. Murray Richman has also served the crime families of Genovese and Lucchese along with other big names in the Bronx. He also stated that murder cases are much simpler to defend because of the fact that there’s one less witness.

Benjamin Brafman


Benjamin Brafman is one of those attorneys to call for to spin a miracle when someone is facing weapons charges. However Benjamin Brafman is also famous for defending the likes of Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jay Z, NFL player Plaxico Burress when he accidentally shot his own leg with a gun that was unlicensed. He was also part of the team that defended the late Michael Jackson during his 2004 child molestation trial.

Bruce Cutler


Perhaps one of the most flamboyant criminal defense attorneys ever to step in a courtroom would be the famous Bruce Cutler. He is famous for defending mafia crime bosses when they are about to face a criminal trial. This criminal defense attorney was responsible for the acquittal of the murder case filed against mobster John Gotti. Cutler was so effective in defending his clients that defense attorneys would sometimes go out of their way just to turn the tides against this man. He also was a part of the team that was formed to defend Phil Spector, a music producer who was accused of killing Lana Clakson, an actress in his mansion in Alhambra, California. But the attorney later called it quits because of opinion difference between him and Phil Spector.
So those are some of the famous criminal defense attorneys and their famous cases. Like all other human beings, they do not get what they want all the time, sometimes they lose a case. But these people are so good at their jobs that they win it for their clients up to 9 out of 10 times.

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