Types of Attorneys and Lawyers

lawyerYou may want to be a lawyer, or you may be in law school now. Or perhaps you have a law degree, but are interested in a career change to a different form of law. Or maybe you want to hire an attorney, but are not sure which one is best for you. Here is a look at some of the many types of lawyers there are out there. This article can only scratch the surface of all the varieties, and this does not even include those lawyers who have switched careers and no longer actively use their law degree.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of lawyers:

Tax attorneys: Whether you are having an issue with the Internal Revenue Service, or with your state or local tax authority, or your simply want to make sure that you do not have an issue with the government about your taxes, you may want to start here with a tax lawyer. In many cases, the tax attorney may also have an accounting degree, and/or be a certified public accountant.

Criminal defense attorneys: If you ever have an issue with the law, you should hire a lawyer. You can get a public defender from the state as your criminal defense lawyer if you cannot afford one. If you can hire one, you can get one to take on your case, and defend you to the best of their abilities.

Prosecuting attorneys: Criminal prosecutors are on the other side of the equation from criminal defense attorneys. Prosecutors – district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, and the like — make the case against those arrested. They work for state or local governments.

Divorce lawyers: If you are going through a divorce, it is a good idea to have a divorce attorney on your side, even if you do not have many issues involved in the divorce, and even if it is an amicable divorce.

Family attorneys: There are specific attorneys who work on only divorce cases, and then there are family lawyers, who could potentially cover divorces. They can also cover things like child custody case issues, adoptions, and the like.

Personal injury lawyers: Did you slip on a sidewalk? Were you injured in some way, and you want compensation? A personal injury attorney can help. You may see ads for personal injury attorneys on buses and subways, and on daytime television.

Traffic attorneys: If you have been in a car accident, or you need help with a traffic ticket, such as a speeding ticket or a red light ticket, you may want to hire a traffic lawyer to help your case.

Bankruptcy lawyers: If you have financial problems, and think you need to file for bankruptcy, you should consider talking to a bankruptcy lawyer first. In some cases, you may be able to find out a way out of your issues without filing for bankruptcy; the lawyer can tell you what to do.

Real estate lawyers: If you are buying or selling a property, a real estate lawyer is critical in reviewing contracts and making sure that everything is up to snuff.

Corporate lawyers: Corporate lawyers can work for a corporation, doing things like mergers and acquisitions and reviewing contracts. You may want to be a lawyer, or you may be in law school or criminal justice school now.

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