5 Simple Steps for Selecting the Right Attorney

Divorce AttorneyYou should view choosing an attorney the way you would any other product or service, and that is by making an informed decision. It is essential for the outcome of a case to select the right lawyer, which is why we are offering five simple steps to help you pick the right attorney for your legal requirements.

  1. An Initial Consultation

The best way to decide on whether an attorney is right for you is by meeting them in person for an interview. Many attorneys will provide an initial consultation at no charge, which usually takes place over an hour or less.

The consultation will present you with an opportunity to ask the lawyer as many questions as you like. For example, if you are looking for alawyer with experience in divorce and family law, you could ask them of their experience in the field within the state.

You can also ask questions such as how long they have been in practice? What is their track record of success? What percentage of their time will be dedicated to your case? What are the firm’s fees and how are they structured? Plus, many more questions applicable to your case’s requirements.

  1. Ask Yourself Questions

Not only must you ask a potential attorney questions, but you must also ask yourself a variety of questions once the consultation is over. For example, does the lawyer have the experience and background to suit your case? Would you feel comfortable working with him or her? Was he or she open and honest with the answers given? Are you confident the lawyer can provide the best representation?

  1. Consult Other Attorneys

If you were happy with all the information an attorney provided during the initial consultation, you could always take it upon yourself to consult other attorneys about the lawyer’s experience, skills, ethics and competency levels, which is information you might be unable to discover online.

  1. Conduct a Background Check

Once you have met with a lawyer and undertaken your own research, you should conduct a background check with the disciplinary agency in your state, which can provide confirmation that a lawyer has a good standing as a member of the bar. This will provide the peace of mind you need to hire an attorney to represent your case.

  1. Take an Office Tour

You can often tell a lot about a law firm by their office. Before you officially hire the lawyer, ask for a tour of the office to ensure it is well-organised and tidy – because a messy office could equal a messy law firm. Is the phone ringing out unanswered? That could one day be you waiting for someone to pick up at the end of the line.

You will want to ensure they have your paperwork in order, so look beyond the lawyer’s office or the conference room to see if they have the efficiency you are looking for in a law firm. If they don’t, it could reflect their legal services, so it might be time to look elsewhere.

If you have any questions, please ask below!