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Need of Translation in Export and Packaging Industry

saladExport and packaging industry is one of the major industries which deals in sending products with proper packaging to varied other countries. Earlier, packaging was not taken seriously but with the coming of brand communication, product presentation and safety have become key factors during export. Now, sign, color, name, font, everything is identified on the basis of the brand name of the product. In order to communicate the right brand strategy taglines, texts, etc., are all translated in the other languages for effective marketing. Today translation in packaging industry is seen on daily basis and the process is continuously increasing with the profession. There are several companies offering translation services for the products to be exported. Advertising and marketing copy, instructions, labeling and insert languages are translated in the targeted languages by these firms. To understand the need of translation in export and packaging industry, read the following:

Influence of global communication

Exporting products have become a common feature of trade. Almost all the countries of the world are engaged in trade activities which help in increasing the national income being earned. Increased global communications have made it possible that now; each country dealing in export arena is free to know the exact details of export. For this purpose, trade papers, details, memos, agreements, etc. are often translated in the target language by the professional translation company. Not, just that, it is extremely important that packaging too follow the same regime. The process has been divided into various steps which are carefully being looked upon by several agencies involved in day-to-day export activities.


Advertising, Promotion and Branding

Be it any product, heavy machine or a food item, its packaging is what we remember. The text, font and all is somewhere imprinted in the minds of the people which create a unique identity based on which further promotion is based. Export of the product is done to increase sale, and earn money through brand name. If packaging itself will be changed or is not translated properly, all the factors related to advertising, promotion and branding are useless. To meet this challenge only the texts or the content of the product is being translated such that it can easily identified even if it is exported to country having long distance.

Smooth flow of information

Export and packaging is a multi-step process which deals with clearance of the export orders, export receipts, list of items, packaging details, export quantity, etc. All these documents are important for the export and packaging operations. The other party needs such information owing to which there is smooth flow of information. Traders can easily exchange the required details, procedures and steps by opting translation for export industry. Translation ultimately makes the overall process manageable, saving the time.

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