Importance of Construction Site Hoarding and Types of Hoardings

Hoardings are one of the important parts of the safety procedures in any construction site. They play a vital role in informing the public and the site workers about any debris coming up in the nearby road. For the protection, safety, and possible risk reduction, they are an important tool to keep handy. The Construction Design and Management Regulations mandates the construction companies and site managers to take all the necessary steps to ensure that both construction workers and the common public is safe from any hazards of construction work. Here we have discussed other benefits that outline the importance of hoardings:

Importance of Hoardings at Construction Site

Trusted Protection

Site hoarding is great to protect your construction projects as well. If you wish to not reveal much about the project you are working upon, site hoardings can help you keep it under wraps. It acts as a visible barrier to others allowing you to work in incognito. Another beneficial element is the fact that it is a cost-effective solution to your construction problems. They are easy to install, sustainable, and can be reused for your next construction project as well. Hoarding board printing is indeed a trusted solution.


A construction site carries massive possibilities of hurting someone with the debris falling off, tools and machines going around, heavy loading and unloading taking place, etc. Every year thousands of people fall victim to such disasters. To avoid any loss, be it human or financial, site hoardings are proven methods of deterring intruders and lessening such instances.

Offers you advertising space

Hoardings don’t have to be plain. It can be a perfect backdrop for you to brand yourself. You can either have your logo big and bold or your tagline. Such printed hoardings panels are a point of interest for many as you can use this opportunity to show how the project will look like once it is done. It can capture the attention of your potential consumer as well.

Protects the line of vision for drivers

Going for hoarding board printing for a full display construction site also has one crucial advantage. A full display construction site can be a distraction to anyone, especially the ones driving past. A hoarding can thus ensure that the landscape is clearer and allows the driver to focus on the road.

Types of Construction Hoardings

Moving ahead to the type of hoardings that you should have in your construction sites, here we have discussed some of the important hoardings that you should have if you have a construction business and often work on such projects.

Steel Hoardings

Steel Hoardings are known for their durability and are considered ideal for many types of construction sites. They are pretty compatible with different types of fencing options as well. So if you have protected your construction site with a fence, having a steel hoarding will easily fit with it without causing any trouble. Additionally, they are free-standing and do not require any support to install. A wide range of features involves light-weight, quick set-up, and perimeter to include gating for pedestrians or vehicles.

Timber Hoardings

These are classic hoarding systems that offer long-term security for large construction sites. Timber Hoardings is usually available in the post-mounted, concrete set and counterweighted concrete block variants. Another great benefit of these hoardings is the fact that they allow brand customization. You can paint them in company colours for higher brand visibility and have customized messages written over for safety warning or instructions.

We suggest you reach out to a professional hoarding board printing company that uses timber that’s ethically sourced. Although they offer great brand value and are a secure option for larger construction sites, they have limited re-use life. Unlike steel hoardings which can be used for any environment and project, Timber Hoardings can be used for one or two projects depending on the surroundings they are placed in.

Hoarding using water-filled bases

You must have seen these a lot around the construction sites as they are the most popular choice for short-term or temporary use. The interlocking system that it provides helps you form a quick and convenient perimeter around your site barring anyone to come in without your knowledge. These hoardings have water-filled bases which help them achieve stabilization in situ. Perfect for sites that are difficult to access with heavy loads. They are excessively easy to install, dismantle, carry, and redeploy as the work progresses. Compatible with pedestrian and vehicle gates, these hoarding systems are cost-effective too.

Compromising the safety of others around the construction site is unacceptable. The safety of everyone around, related, or unrelated to the project, is paramount. You have to consider many things before you choose a hoarding material and go-ahead for the printing of the same. Here we have outlined some of the factors which you cannot afford to avoid:

  • The duration of your construction project – Is it a long term project or short term
  • The amount of re-use required – you must understand if the surroundings will allow you to re-use your older hoarding or should a new one, with branding, is required.
  • The site’s location – If the site is in a warm location or windy location where it often rains then you have to be careful about your hoarding selection. The weather and environment play a vital role in decision making.
  • The scale of the project – you must understand how big the construction project is. If you would require more hoardings or the usual number of hoardings will do. The quantity will also help you align your budget accordingly.

Once you understand these requirements then you can go ahead with the material selection. Check the features of every hoarding before landing on a decision.

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