Epoxy Flooring – The New Trend in Residential Garages

Epoxy flooring is a flexible, durable, and stylish flooring, perfect for sprucing up industrial spaces as well as garages. It creates a unique look and is very easy to install. Applying an epoxy coating to your floors has many advantages and it could really make your garage look more interesting.

You will also have lots of fun choosing colors that match your car… or cars.

What Exactly is Epoxy Flooring?

The process of creating epoxy flooring involves applying a layer of resin and hardener to the floor surface, letting it cure, then repeating it until the coating is about 2 millimeters thick. This is how you create an epoxy floor.

There is a thinner version of it called an epoxy floor coating which is usually less than two millimeters thick. It will be “coated” to the concrete floor to create a unique finish. Both techniques create a flooring that is extremely resilient to many kinds of damages and look remarkably beautiful.

Epoxy is made up mainly of resin and hardeners. They are mixed together to form a rigid plastic material but unlike ordinary plastic, it’s very strong and is suitable to the most demanding industrial environments. So, there are a lot of advantages in choosing an epoxy flooring.

But what type of epoxy floor style should you choose? One of the most popular styles is the metallic epoxy flooring but there is also the flake epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Styles

There are two types of metallic epoxy flooring. One is solid, often called pure metallic epoxy flooring, and the other is stain. The non-metallic version, on the other hand, is called flake epoxy. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Pure Metallic or Solid Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic systems or metallic epoxy flooring are shiny and reflective and are highly durable. They look very artistic. The metallic pigments in the flooring create a sort of movement similar to molten metal and ocean waters. This style can look really stunning.

It’s a great choice for commercial spaces but who’s to stop you if you want it in your personal garage? It looks beautiful and can make an ordinary space look extra classy. If you want to achieve a marble look without spending outrageous amounts of money, this is the flooring for you.

A pure metallic floor coating is a hundred percent solid and 2 components epoxy. This special formula can come with pearlescent metallic pigment. You apply the coating to your floor and the result is a smooth glass-like finish that has a distinct sparkle.

You can be creative and combine different colors to create endless styles. People often say that pure metallic floors look a lot like moon craters and marble countertops, and they always appear to have a 3-dimensional effect.

Solid metallic epoxy flooring would look great on garages that house modern cars and motorcycles. If your car or bike has a dark paint, choose colors that are light and bright to accentuate it and vice versa. For cars that have bold patterns, it’s best to choose a plainer style for your metallic epoxy flooring.


Aside from the solid metallic epoxy flooring, there is also the technique of “staining” – or applying a material called satin urethane on the floor to simulate a natural marble finish. The effect is almost the same to the solid metallic except, of course, it’s just a coating.

This style looks very high-end and sophisticated. The stain is usually done by combining metallic pigments with epoxy to create a rich 3-dimensional effect. There are various color options for this as well. It’s highly scratch-resistant and is very easy to clean.

Flake Epoxy Flooring

If metallic is not your style, there is always the flake epoxy flooring. These floors are also epoxy-based but the difference is that they have actual colored flakes laid within the floors. The flakes give the floor’s surface a slightly rough appearance. They also give the floor its anti-slip qualities.

These flakes come in a variety of colors and you can mix and match them to create a unique design for your garage.

Why are they so unique? That’s because the multicolored flakes are incorporated into the resin while it’s in liquid state, so each floor comes out differently and there are rarely any repetitive patterns.

The flakes can be synthetic or they might have natural mica minerals. Depending on the size of the flakes, your floor could have either a coarser or finer finish.

While metallic epoxy flooring is the best if you want to achieve an elegant look, flake epoxy flooring is a lot more versatile. Aside from the classy style, you can come up with pop-culture bright designs and it is highly customizable.

Some flake epoxy flooring can look like the mosaic-like surface of terrazzo. You can also make them look like natural granite floors at a fraction of the price. Installation is easy and it requires very little maintenance.

Other Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Whether you prefer a metallic or flake epoxy flooring, there are endless advantages of installing an epoxy floor compared to traditional ones.

In fact, it’s not only being used in garage floors nowadays. It’s becoming a popular choice for the kitchen, bathroom, and basement for many modern homes. Aside from the obvious benefits such as incredible durability, here are other advantages of epoxy flooring.

A Great Investment

Metallic epoxy flooring, as well as flake epoxy flooring installation, can cost more than other types of flooring initially. But once you consider its resistance to staining, cracking, abrasion, and fading, you will realize that you are saving a lot more money in the long run.

You would not be required to spend much on maintenance. You won’t feel the need to cover your floor with expensive carpet or tiles. There will also be no need for steam cleaning, waxing, and all other maintenance work.

Unique and Stylish

If you want your garage to really stand out, metallic epoxy flooring is the right choice. It’s one of the most stylish alternatives to traditional flooring these days.


Whatever style of epoxy flooring you choose, one thing is guaranteed: your garage would look amazing and it’s a great value for your money!

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  1. I saw video of a house that had epoxy flooring on their garage, and I immediately knew that its the kind of floor I wanted in the game room I am planning to build. I like that you mentioned that it is resistant to staining, cracking, abrasion, and fading, which makes it a good investment. I can imagine how great the room will turn once the decorative concrete service that I will hire completes the epoxy flooring. Anyway, great article Kidal!

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