How to Decrease the Effects of Hydraulic Fluid Contaminates

vwervrwvIn the United States, over 75 percent of systems with hydraulic components malfunction when harsh substances contaminate the fluid. Contamination is a huge problem because it makes the fluid age at a faster pace. If you’d like to reduce the effects in a busy work environment, you must fully understand how the fluids become contaminated.

The Contamination Process

The contaminants that enter a hydraulic system will have either solid components or liquid properties. However, in many situations, most contaminants harm equipment by accessing a water source. When solid particles contaminate a system, they cause a chemical reaction by mixing with the hydraulic fluid.

Water-based contaminants react differently based on a machine’s mechanical components. In some cases, the liquid may affect a system by generating an emulsion. No matter how the water settles, various metal parts in the machinery will be affected because the moisture will cause corrosion.

The Solutions

In order to resolve a contamination problem, you’ll need to figure out what kind of contaminate is affecting your machinery. If the equipment has a solid particle contamination problem, a certified technician can eliminate most of the harsh substances by implementing precise diagnostic and maintenance procedures. Counting steps and weighing methods are required during this process. To ensure professional results, service technicians always conduct microscopic counting tests based on industry standards.

Contaminates will generate in heavy hydraulic equipment often, but there are simple ways to reduce the overall impact. To maintain your equipment, you must carefully monitor any combination of fluids that enter the system during daily operations. If you’re concerned about your equipment’s long-term capabilities, consider hiring a maintenance technician who can inspect all of the components on a regular basis.

The fluid that you select for each hydraulic system is important. If improper substances are mixed and used in certain machinery, a serious operational problem will occur. For example, if two liquids are miscible, performance will suffer while the hydraulic system is in use.

Although you can’t keep all contaminates out of your machines, you can implement procedures to reduce the effects. If you need additional protection, consider buying Donaldson hydraulic filters.

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