The Best Tech Companies to Work for

According to the recent studies, healthcare and IT are the most desired fields to work in among graduates. And this is for a reason: it was estimated that the best salaries, social perks and other benefits are offered in these industries. Below I've compiled a list of the most desired tech companies students want to work for. Enjoy it!

#1 Facebook


CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Employees: 4,900

Foundation year: 2004

No list of the most desired jobs would be complete without Facebook. Not only does this company offer exorbitant prices, but it also provides its employees with perfect working environment. For instance, when the Company was redesigning its office in Palo Alto, California, it conducted a survey asking their employees to share their vision of the interior design and facilities. Isn't it great? Facebook does take care of its dedicated workers. The Company's friendly atmosphere encourages you to cooperate, not to compete.

#2 Google


CEO: Larry Page

Employees: 44,777

Foundation year: 1998

Google Inc. is a great place giving you the best opportunities to advance quickly in your domain. We all have seen their amazing offices in Zurich and Dublin, with all those slides, fireman poles and free cafeterias. Surely, their gyms and other facilities are really great, but the recent expansions have taken their toll-Google's bureaucracy level has become higher. Nonetheless, it is still a very beneficial place to get great perks. You must realize that working in such a company is associated with huge responsibility.

#3 Intel


CEO: Brian Krzanich

Employees: 104,700

Foundation year: 1968

Although Intel can't boast jaw-dropping office designs, it offers some of the best salaries in the marketplace. This multinational corporation is an excellent place to work. Its employees say in their feedbacks that the company has a great ethical code and traditions. Perhaps, Intel isn't as innovative as Apple, Google or Facebook, but it's very solid and reliable. They are good in what they do, and they always keep their word concerning remuneration, social benefits and other perks.

#4 Intuit


CEO: Brad Smith

Employees: 8,500

Foundation year: 1983

This is probably the most family-oriented tech company. It offers the perfect environment for starting and developing your career. And it is a perfect Company to stay in. Their core values are integrity and cooperation. Intuit employees love the Company for its competent management treating workers with care and respect.

#5 Apple Inc.


CEO: Tim Cook

Employees: 80,000

Foundation year: 1976

If you're a guru in what you do, and you're obsessed with Apple devices, you won't find a better place to start and develop your career. However, working at Apple can be incredibly stressful and exhausting-it is a very competitive place to work. But if such things as load and stress don't bother you, Apple Inc. is the number one tech company to work for. It always stays ahead of its competitors, their salaries are whopping, and their social benefits are also the best. The ingredients of their success are hard work, passion for profession, and innovation.

Surely, you have to be a very hardworking person in order to get a job at one of these companies. However, you can always take a shortcut during your studies (in case you have no time to finish another term paper, for instance) and use web service. There you will find the most affordable solutions.

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