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What to Look for in a Potential Investment Property?

Anyone looking to purchase an investment property may find it a daunting task. Even if you’re an experienced investor, you may still need advice and tips on choosing a property that will be successful in the current market. Investment and real estate are a tough business to crack and to obliterate your returns; you must invest in a property that tenants will love and want to have for themselves. When considering properties, there are certain aspects to look out for. This will ensure you have an easy investment journey with tiny bumps in the road. The most important points are listed below. Therefore, before starting your search and completing the purchase, you can feel confident with your choice.

Low maintenance

Some properties will take more time to maintain than others. The most low-maintenance properties are likely to attract long-term renters that can provide a stable rental income. However, properties in low-quality areas that need low maintenance could potentially have a higher turnover of tenants and require more work on your part. Primarily it comes down to how hands-on or off you want to be as a landlord. If you’re going to manage the property yourself (rather than hiring a manager), then it will mean you will need free time on your hands. Those who manage high maintenance properties such as student or holiday rentals are less likely to have another job. This is due to the required time and effort it takes to be a high-maintenance landlord.

Future developments

An investor who is purchasing a property near a new development area or a location undergoing regeneration will enjoy reaping the rewards later. When searching for a property, consider what the city is going to be worth in a few years. If there is the potential to have multiple future developments that boost the value of your property, you will earn capital appreciation from this. Property companies like RW Invest have many investment opportunities in up and coming areas across the UK. They actively encourage investors to choose regions that are under development as they are sure to produce financial gain when construction has finished. It’s a great way to find an investment that will succeed and deliver results every investor dreams of.

A good location

Location is a vital element of any property. An appealing area is sure to produce a great return on your investment as it brings in tenants and creates demand. The location of your purchased property will determine the amount of rent you bring in, the quality of your renter and the turnover of your tenants.

A city-centre location is likely to bring in young, working professionals looking for a place to reside that is close to their workplace. However, a neighbourhood in the suburbs may attract families in which schools, parks and entertainment are important. Whatever location you choose should be tailored to your tenant market; this is why it’s essential to do your research before purchasing a property. Finding the perfect location that has an equally good demand as it does have availability of properties can be difficult. However, when you have access to a good location, it can mean you reap huge rewards. Cities such as Liverpool and Manchester in the UK may not be the most populated areas of the country but property prices are increasing in value as the demand rises and regeneration continues to expand the city. It’s always best to research what future plans have in store and what will be happening in the location you buy a property. This will give you an estimate as a investor of how good your returns will be.

Employment opportunities and a growing job market

A property that is surrounded by opportunity and a thriving job market is sure to attract tenants. Choosing an area that has the potential to provide tenants with success means you will ultimately gain success too. It’s for this reason that many investors want city centre properties in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and London. The availability and opportunity to change jobs can entice potential tenants. Plus, places that have a variety of employment opportunities will mean you will already have an abundance of prospective tenants before even advertising the property publicly. A growing job market location almost guarantees large success.

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