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How to Make Your Condo Attractive to Buyers

Condo Attractive to BuyersStaging a home to appeal to prospective buyers takes time, effort, and more often than not, money. You might think spending money to sell a home is a waste of money, but really it isn't. If splashing out $1,000 means your buyers are willing to pay full price for your condo instead of forcing you to drop the asking price by $5,000, isn't that money well spent?

So, in case you need a bit of convincing, here are a few ways where spending a bit of cash on making your condo more appealing to buyers is an absolute bargain.

New Flooring

Flooring suffers a lot of wear and tear in most homes, but if you have kids and pets, it will be more worn out than average. Prospective buyers might not have the funds available to replace worn carpets or tired laminate flooring. Threadbare carpets look old and don't do a room justice, so consider replacing the worst offenders with a nice new floor. It won't cost that much and a neutral floor will make a home more appealing to buyers.

A Lick of Paint

Neutral homes are more appealing to buyers. They can look around and imagine what a room will be like with their furniture in it. Creams, pale greys, beige and pastel shades are all a good choice, but beware of making the place too bland. If it looks like a motel room, you have definitely gone too far.

A Garden Makeover

If your ground floor condo has a garden, tidy it up and plant some flowers. You don't need to have green fingers to add some color into a garden. Buy some pots from a garden center and plant them up with some pretty flowers. Add a few hanging baskets and you will have created an appealing space buyers will love.

Cushions and Soft Furnishings

All Montreal condos for sale can benefit from a splash of color and buying some new soft furnishings is a good way to achieve this for very little cash. Cushions are cheap enough to buy, but you can easily make some cushion covers if you have the skill. Use color to lift a neutral room: cushions, throws and a rug or two will make a living room more appealing to the eye. Choose a color theme and work it through the entire condo, thus creating a sense of synchronicity.

Bespoke Artwork

A few carefully arranged pieces of art can be used to attract a more discerning buyer. Obviously good quality artwork is expensive so it may not be feasible to splash out on a large canvas or two, but you can rent artwork instead for a very reasonable amount. A few bold paintings or sculptures will create the right ambience and persuade a buyer that your lifestyle (and condo) is just what they are looking for.

Don't skip the staging process. Even the smallest of things can put off a prospective buyer, so tidy up, declutter and turn your condo into a stunning show-home. If you do things right, you won't have a problem selling it.

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