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A Comprehensive List of Technologies That Can Revolutionize The Real Estate Industries


The real estate sectors, until recently were firmly based on the conventional tried and tested methods. Not anymore! Technological developments and innovation have simply brought a revolution in the real estate industries and have improved their efficiency in the best possible manner.

In this list, we have described a few of the most effective ones in thorough detail. Let’s take a peek at a few of them without further ado.

  1. Drone technology

The use of unmanned air vehicles or drones has gained lots of ground these days especially due to the benefits that come with it. Most of these benefits are linked to that of aerial photography which is something that has lately become an integral part of property marketing.

Drones make it convenient for real estate professionals to take aerial photographs of properties at a reasonable price.

Up until now, aerial photography was mainly limited to costly traditional techniques such as using a helicopter or a private plane. The drone technology came in like a breath of fresh air and it also played a major role in bringing the costs down. So naturally, the popularity soared over time.

  1. The use of beacon technology

The beacon technology is used extensively by real estate professionals to interact with their potential clients. The same technology is also used by real estate professionals to show off their wares and automate the entire business procedure.

The traditional method of house hunting was quite laborious indeed. The buyers had to browse up properties on the internet or newspapers, select one of his/her choices, arrange an appointment and then go for a physical visit of the same.

Such a process can get quite frustrating at times because of time and workplace pressure issues. The beacon technology changes the entire thing to a simpler process where customers would be able to interact with real estate professionals from the very comfort of their drawing room. If that is not a benefit, I seriously don’t know what is.

  1. The inculcation of 360-degree virtual tours

360-degree virtual tours have ceased to be a fad anymore and have lately become a very part of our necessity.

There’s a particular reason for that. That’s because this technology has made it possible for real estate professionals to increase their customer reach over the internet.

The customer will just need a steady internet connection accompanied with a working PC or a mobile to get onto it. Such a thing will be enough to take him to the property of his/her choice in the blink of an eye.

So geographical barriers cease to be a problem anymore. The customer will be able to take the tour from the very comfort of their own drawing room provided s/he has a working internet connection and a working PC/mobile. So convenience you wanted, the convenience you’ll get. You seriously can’t ask for more; can you?

  1. The use of augmented reality in “for sale” signs

The use of transmitters and microchips in “for sale” signs has made it possible for real estate professionals to detect the presence of a potential buyer (if there are any nearby).

If the sign detects any potential buyer nearby, it activates itself immediately, becomes interactive and sends all property-related information to the potential customer in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. Such a technology is known as augmented reality.

Augmented reality and virtual reality have already become the future of real estate businesses. Have you got into the trend yet? If your answer’s negative, you better get into it ASAP.

  1. Using big data

Through the use of Big Data, real estate professionals will be able to analyze the buying behavior of the clients and develop their strategies accordingly.

Through analysis of data, they’ll be able to fine tune their service and make changes according to the requirements of the customers which, in turn can bring in more revenue over time. Big data can also aid in predictive analysis. This infographic can explain it more in thorough details.

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