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What are the demands of modern home buyers?

In modern times, the millennial generation is the most dominant consumer in the house hunting market and they are very sensitive when it comes to buying a house. Most of the real estate buyers are young professionals who have unique lifestyles and choices in terms of real estate properties.

If you too are planning to sell or purchase a house, you need to be aware of the choices and requirements of modern-day buyers. Following is a list of things that modern homebuyers prefer while buying a new home:

Simplified and Smart Homes

The modern generation is used to living a smart life that is filled with technology and hence seek smart homes. They are willing to pay extra for a smart home that has features like smart locks, a built-in security system, and light control. Today’s generation prefers a spacious living area in a compact house over a big house with many rooms in it. In fact, they want to control their house through a smartphone from any remote location. Buyers’ tastes also vary by region so it is a good idea to consult a good real estate agent to know the taste of people of a particular area if you are renovating a house to sell it.

Energy Efficiencies

Buyers also prefer Energy Star-qualified appliances and windows as modern-day buyers are concerned about utility bills and they want to limit them as much as possible. It is a known fact that energy-efficient windows can reduce heating and cooling costs by 12% approximately. Energy-star home appliances save a lot of energy thus save electric bills. If you are a seller and you have remodeled your house with all these features, you should add that to your home listings.


Millennials are a busy generation who, according to many experts working for prestigious cheap moving companies, spend more than half of their lives at work. All they have to enjoy is their home, they want it to be perfect and unlike older generations, they make sure that every corner of the house should be lively and utilized properly. The homeowners need to make the backyard of the house beautiful as buyers like a decorated and well-maintained backyard where they can sit and enjoy with their friends after a hard day’s work.

Thanks to the era of home decorating and renovation TV reality shows, the enlightened modern buyers know all about their preferences about decorating outdoor living spaces.

As discusses earlier, the modern generation are busy people, they prefer a house that is already filled with all the needed appliances and furnishings. They prefer homes with pre-equipped appliances like washing machines, air-conditioners, and even refrigerators. Most of the new real estate housing projects are coming up with all these features to lure buyers.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Natural and bright places emit positive energy so people prefer a home with a lot of sunlight entering into the rooms and living area. Natural light is one of the biggest positive features of a house as we know that it creates natural energy and light that saves up all the unnecessary costs of artificial lights.

Modular Kitchen

People are sure of their tastes when it comes to kitchen designs and yesteryear designs are a big no-no for them. They want their kitchens to be fully modular and pre-equipped with all the needed appliances. Modern buyers are very intelligent and conscious while looking for a perfect home.

Well-Designed Washroom

Gone are the days when washrooms were the most neglected places in houses. Make sure that you take care of all the bathroom fittings and plumbing work as buyers look for a designer washroom. Well-designed washrooms with modern fittings offer great investment returns.

Spacious and Multi-functional Rooms

Spacious and multi-functional rooms are in high demand. Bedrooms that can serve as utility rooms are preferred nowadays. A well-furnished room with a good storage system is a good idea and as many people have an option of working from home, home offices are also in demand and dedicated office space will be a quick seller.

Easy Commute and Accessibility

The modern buyer looks for easy commute ways and places as the main feature. Previous generations didn’t face the issues like high fuel rates and heavy traffic, at least not to the extent that the modern generation is facing. Buyers with children prefer places near to the city so that all the required places are accessible. This feature also gives them a feeling of being connected.

Laundry Area

Builders are offering extra utility spaces that can be used as laundry areas as this is also the demand of the hour. People want a separate washing area and they are not willing to assign a washroom for the same.

The demands of the modern buyers have evolved and changed with changing times and to fulfill their requirements many tech companies are collaborating with real estate companies to provide the best of their services and to create a dream house for the modern generation.

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