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Top 5 Criteria for Quality Palm Beach Home Builder

cferferfeqrPlanning to build a luxury home in Palm Beach? Finding a quality builder is important. It is essential to look for a company that builds luxury homes in Palm Beach on a regular basis. Here are the top 5 criteria to find a quality builder:

Experienced: An experienced builder is very familiar with code enforcement and building requirements of Florida coastal homes. This will ensure that building inspections go smoothly. Moreover, an experienced builder will streamline the permit process so that the building process is as quick as possible. In addition, check the builder’s current projects in Palm Beach. Consider the style, features and quality of the home’s interior and exterior. Be aware that builders show their experience in the quality of the homes they build. It would be ideal if the home builder has worked with the architect, so if the planning department calls for change, the builder can easily accommodate these changes

References: While it is true that a builder will only use customers who will give positive feedback, it is worth asking these customers why they have agreed to give a good reference. Ask them about the material selection and the management style of your Palm Beach luxury builder. Furthermore, ask these references if they considered other builders and what made them decide on this builder.

Transparency: Insist on transparency when looking for a company that builds luxury homes in Palm Beach. Some builders are smart to bundle installation and material into a single bid in an effort to hide their margins. Establish guidelines early in the process that will require a detailed cost breakdown on all invoices before making payments.

Palm Beach, Florida is full of contractors who bid low just to get the contract and ask for additional payments when time comes to purchase and install finish items. Unfortunately, often this low bid will only cover the cheapest material and might not meet luxury standards for style, taste and quality. The low bid might not end up being the best price if finished items are not quality and the builder requires an additional fee for luxury choices that meet the style and taste of the rest of the home.

Material Selection Procedure: A Palm Beach Luxury home builder should have a material selection procedure that helps customers identify and price items such as light fixtures, faucets, tiles, appliances, flooring, and countertops. Be sure the material selection process is clear. This not only helps the budgeting process but also avoids surprises before any of these items are installed.

These finished items not only are part of a luxury home, they are also a main reason for higher costs, so pay close attention to the material selection and research. A reputable luxury home builder should be willing to identify the finished items by brand name, model and serial numbers to help finalize a budget for a luxury home.

Schedule: Negotiate a reasonable and achievable schedule with the Palm Beach luxury home builder. Make sure the schedule includes lead times for plan review, inspections, lead times for material delivery, and resource availability. Also, discuss contingency plans to cover the delays which will impact the move-in schedule and occupancy.

Ready to start the search? Be sure to look for a builder with experience, references, transparency, material selection procedure, and a reasonable schedule. Armed with these 5 criteria, you should be on your way to finding an excellent luxury builder in Palm Beach.

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