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How to Prepare your House for Sale

house-in-the-forestThe world wide property market is finally picking up after a few sluggish years where prices dropped and people were not able to buy or sell, trapped in houses they no longer loved or were willing to invest in. With things now picking up it is advisable to best prepare your home for sale by making a few simple changes and improvements to increase the chances of sale for the best possible price.

If you are selling your home, or perhaps your home has been on the market for a considerable amount of time here are some simple and low cost tips to help encourage and entice those potential buyers.

De-personalise: Think cream walls, less photographs and personal belongings strewn everywhere. Neutral colours allow prospective buyers to let their imaginations go wild, create a blank canvas to encourage buyers to be able to personalise as they wish. People will struggle to see past your clutter so imagine it's not your house any more, be critical and take a buyers perspective.

De-clutter: Don't let it be obvious that you have outgrown the house as prospective buyers will get the impression it will not be big enough for them either. Create a light and airy, spacious feeling by opening windows, ensuring natural light fills the rooms, and use mirrors cleverly to create the illusion of space in smaller spaces. Conduct a thorough spring clean: ensure kitchens and bathrooms are clean and don't commit the cardinal sin- Toilet seat down! Utilise a range of storage options, get excess stuff out of the house in lofts, sheds, ask good willing friends and family to store your possessions, or if this is not possible hiring a self storage unit would enable you to store any excess you cannot store elsewhere - here your possessions will be safe and sound till you decide to remove them when you have space in your new home.

Show Potential: Does your house offer the possibility to extend? Perhaps add a loft conversion or play room? It is a great idea to apply for planning permission for an extension or similar addition to the home to highlight the potential of the property. Lay these plans out for buys to see, this will encourage them to understand that your house has great potential and they themselves could easily add extra space and value to the property.

Bake a Cake: Invigorate the senses and create a feeling of home. If a potential buyer is bombarded with the smell of wet dog or cat food when they enter a house they will be immediately be put off. Tap into all the senses, a freshly baked cake or loaf of bread will induce feelings of comfort, of homeliness. Light the fire and purchase flowers. And remember put the pets out when prospective buyers are scheduled to look around and don't forget the pet food and litter tray as well!

Go Out for the Morning: Try going out when prospective buyers are looking around. This will ensure they feel free and able to look around as they wish, voice opinions and feel comfortable enough to have a good look around un-watched by the owners. The estate agent will keep an eye on buyers for you and be able to answer questions on your behalf.

First Impressions: Remember, first impressions really count. Give the front door a fresh lick of paint, polish the knocker and clean windows and window sills.

Follow these simple and low cost tips to ensure you get top dollar for your property to allow you to move on to your next dream home.

If you have any questions, please ask below!