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Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Solar Powered Homes

Solar Powered HomeDo you want to own an energy-efficient home? Why not take inspiration from solar-powered homes? When it comes to building a green home, the use of residential solar technology is a growing trend not just in the US but also in other countries across the globe. The use of photovoltaic solar arrays, or PV panels, has grown in demand as people from all walks of life have taken into serious consideration the growing unrest of global warming and climate change. Though there are many ways to make your home as green as possible, here are the top reasons why choosing solar energy as a sustainable source of power for your home is the right choice.

Guaranteed Money Savings

For every green home builder, the promise of reducing the average monthly electricity bill by 50 percent or perhaps, completely eliminating the expense, creates more positive turnaround than negative. An average family usually utilizes some 900 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month and, according to various reports from solar power installation experts, a simple installation alone can generate as much energy for the family to use. On top of this, unused energy or the power that consumers pass to the grid will also earn them rebates. Thus, when using solar power as an energy source, you are not only saving ample amounts of money but earning rebates as well.

Increased Home Value

A new home builder must also take into consideration the future possibility of the home being sold. As the homeowner, you may have built the house of your dreams, but there may come a time that you need to move or sell when the need is great. When building a home, it is smart to take measures that ensure that it will sell for a profit. Today's home buyers are on the lookout for homes which use solar power. You need to consider this perspective when building a home. You can never tell when the need to selling your home may arise.

Low Carbon Footprint

Moral and social responsibilities are perhaps the most important aspect of why turning your home into a solar-powered one. Not only will you conserve more than 16,000 gallons of water per annum, but power harnessed from the sun helps reduce the use of fossil fuels, thereby lowering carbon emissions into the environment. Though it may be a small contribution, the cumulative efforts of environmentally responsible households across the globe will help delay the melting of glaciers, the erosion of shorelines and the endangerment of several animal species.

Whether you choose to build simple or luxury homes, the idea of enjoying off-grid freedom will definitely be a good incentive to build a new home powered by solar energy. With the rise of better residential battery storage options, you can guarantee yourself that this is one investment that will go a long way.

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