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5 Benefits of Using Drone Technology in Real Estate Marketing


Drones have become the new trend in the real estate market.

The reason is exceptionally simple. It’s because of their effectiveness in capturing photographs from a bird’s eye point of view. Drones have made aerial photography as simple as a piece of cake which benefits real estate marketing a lot as a whole.

Let’s go through a few ways through which drones are used in real estate businesses.

How drones are used by real estate professionals?

Drones or unmanned aircrafts can be hugely effective in real estate marketing if they are used in the right way. The use of drones is primarily confined within aerial photography. It might sound too petty on the hindsight but honestly, it’s not.

Drones are used for:

  • Capturing a bird’s eye view of the property and its surroundings.
  • Deciphering how the drive-in road would look like.
  • Portraying the surrounding area and the neighborhood.
  • Making property surveys and properties.

Effective, isn’t it? It surely is. Wait till you see the benefits.

Benefits of using drone technology in real-estate marketing


  1. Drone technology in capturing aerial photographs helps in creating dramatic images

The most important thing about marketing is creating an impression. And in most cases, first impression becomes your last. So you have to go in with all guns blazing.

Through drones, professional photographers can create compelling shots conveniently and easily by using a GPS programmed flight path system with a pre-programmed automatic point of interest on-board camera.

Aerial photographs taken through drones are pretty innovative and awe-inspiring at the same time. These are more than capable of creating a lasting impression on your target audience. Effective marketing you wanted; effective marketing you’ll get.

  1. Drone photography results in significant detailing of property features from the house to the doorknobs

Detailing is an absolute must in your property photographs if you want to create a lasting impression on your audience.

For example,

If your photographs are displaying the glamour of a teakwood door to your audience, they must be detailed enough to display even the minute designs present on its doorknob. Drone photography can aid you with that.

Always remember that minute detailing is the key in real estate marketing. Hence, drone technology can easily be your choicest weapon in this regard.

  1. Drones make aerial photography affordable

Aerial photography was always expensive. That’s because aerial photographs were usually taken from helicopters and airplanes in the past. Real estate professionals had no options other than choppers and private planes.

Price was a huge issue. Imagine hiring a plane for the entire day. That’s going to cost at least a few thousand pounds; isn’t it? Along with that comes another limit based on the number of properties you can shoot from the sky.

The number of issues keeps on rising; isn’t it?

Fear not. Drones come to the rescue. Drone photography’s mighty inexpensive in comparison to aerial photography taken from a plane or a chopper.

Drones can shoot still photographs and video at the same time. So your options are definitely not limited. And to top it off, you can also keep your investments well within your budget. You can’t ask for more than this; can you?

  1. Drone technology makes you a stand out among the crowd

Implementing drone technology in aerial photography is more than capable of making you a stand out professional in the real estate market.

It ups your business brand value and also makes your property listings more credible to the audience. More credibility backed by a solid brand value can automatically generate sales. SO you will definitely be at a benefit almost at all the times.

  1. Drones can take those photographs that are seemingly impossible from a manual point of view

Unmanned drones can take photographs from every angle and can actually get into tight spots that are almost impossible for a human to reach.

Thus, you can naturally see how detailed and extravagant your brochure can be if you implement drone technology in taking aerial property photographs.

Drone snapshots also have a high demand in 3D architectural rendering because of their extraordinary ability to capture hi-resolution photographs from every possible angle. So if you have plans to display a CGI rendering of a specific property, drone photography is your best bet.

Drone technology has seemingly brought a revolution in the real estate market. The only question that remains now is: are you up for it? You better be.

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