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9 Mistakes New Landlords Make

You are new as the landlord, then there will be many challenges on your path. Yes, you do take care of different things.

You are thinking that landlords need to find new renters and collect rent, then you are making mistakes. Property management is not so easier. There are many things you need to do. Obviously, knowledge about the different things you should have with you. You can’t allow yourself to make a single mistake. When you are able to manage all, then you can be a successful landlord.

What happened? You are not aware of the most common mistakes that landlords do, then continue reading this. It will help you to know the same and avoid making these mistakes.

Common mistakes that new landlords should avoid

1. Not giving responses

After a hectic day, you may feel tired. So, you are in a deep sleep. But the tenants are in a trouble. The doors get locked, can’t take the entry, or stuck in a room. For getting out from that situation, it will be for sure that they call you. But you just ignore that. In the morning, you make a call, then how it will be. Obviously, you can feel the frustration. You may face many issues as well. Is that okay? Surely, it is not.

2. Not running a background check

The tenants can be good in their words. But if they don’t have a strong credit score, then you may not find the rent on time. The issues can be more for sure. So, don’t impress through words. Do the verification rightly and then go.

3. Not calculating the vacancy cost

After moving out of the older tenants and coming to the new one, there can be a gap. But during that as well, you need to pay the maintenance charges and more. If you don’t prepare yourself and have that amount, then it will be tougher for the manager. So, having such funds will be the need. Keep this in mind.

4. Not doing agreement

You should make an agreement between you and the tenants. You may have heard the words like commitment is everything and so on. But the reality can be different if you skip doing the written agreement or lease.

So, do the proper lease and avoid unwanted situations.

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5. Not doing the inspection

The tenants are good. They take care of your property just like their own. It is really appreciable. But you have to give importance to the inspection. In a gap of time, you need to do the same. You need to do the inspection at a regular time interval.

6. Delaying taking legal action

You are not getting the rent but still giving them time will be a mistake of the new landlord. If you are delaying to process it, then the eviction can be costly. Are you okay to carry it? You will not be. So, initial time is important and you need to take action from the first moment.

7. Not doing the market research for fixing the rent

You are the one who is researching on newspaper. On behalf of that, you are fixing the rent and all, then it is a bigger mistake. The right amount you get to know about from the other landlords of your areas. How much they are taking to give the property on rent. How they increase the rent and more you need to check. After that, you need to plan in fixing the rent. Keep this in mind. Compromising with it will never be possible. So, do it right and avoid making mistakes.

8. Not having the insurance

You need to take insurance. This is the protection of your investment. You can’t ignore this. It is true this will ask for decent money and it is worthy for sure. If you face damages and more, you find that how you get the benefits of it. So, don’t make mistakes of not having the same.

9. Not giving importance to the learning

There is no doubt that learning is important. Experience makes you a successful landlord. But if you just ignore the need, then it will be a risk. Yes, you do read this right. You can’t ignore it for sure. Keep taking the information about all. Know the ways to handle it. You need to learn and you should have an interest in it. You can’t ignore the same.


Now, you have the information about the mistakes the new landlord makes. So, keep avoiding those. At the same time, you should hire a property manager. The expert will make everything perfect and you can learn a lot. You get the income of your desire too. So, giving importance to all and then your experience will be the best.

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