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8 Reasons to Use Self Storage Units

regrtgrtgrteHaving your own self-storage unit is an investment – it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your hard-earned, and sometimes sentimental, belongings. If you require some storage space, but are quite unsure whether to spend money for a self-storage unit, here are some compelling reasons to go for it:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Your valuables, all in one place, may be stolen or destroyed all too easily. Aside from unopened cabinets and dusty corners of your home, you may want to store your things in a separate place with more security features. It also helps that self-storage units have controlled access: only with keys or codes can enter. You can be assured of the safety and condition of your stuff.

De-clutter your home, de-clutter your life

The most common reason for using self-storage units is to de-clutter one’s home or work place. We may not notice but we end up with too many things we did not realize we had, and no idea what to do with. Then there are things you never use, and never will, but have no plans of disposing. Using self-storage units will give you that extra space minus the unnecessary bulk and more space for things you may need or want to buy later on.

Move in a new home, travel, and secure your stuff

It may be for a new job or a new environment or a new relationship. People move, sometimes too often for their liking, for all sorts of reason. This makes parting with some of your belongings somewhat inevitable. Every move is one to two less boxes of memories, which can make moving more emotionally difficult. If you are the type to move a lot but have gotten attached to your often unused but special valuables, you may want to consider using a self-storage unit.

Keep your furniture safe during renovations

Sometimes our homes need major repairs or drastic home makeovers, which require relocation of our things to clear out the area. Instead of cramming appliances and furniture to non-vacant rooms, you could opt for using self-storage units instead. Self-storage units have flexible payment terms and you may use them for short-term or long-term – only for the period you actually need it for. Even after renovations are over, you may consider keeping self-storage units for other purposes.

Save your hobby stuff and sporting equipment for the next event

Some hobbies may need special equipment that could be bulky when not in frequent use. There could be easels and canvasses, sewing machines, bicycles, ping pong table, badminton rackets, tents, among others. Rather than donating them or throwing them away, you could store them momentarily in your very own self-storage unit, reserved for the next sports party or grand family reunion.

Attics are not only for holiday decors

Halloween and Christmas are never complete without bright lights, figurines of different shapes and sizes, wall and door ornaments, and even talking or singing decorations. After all the fun, they rot in the attic, stacked in countless boxes, forgotten most days of the year. Why not transfer all your seasonal decors in your self-storage unit and transform the attic into some entertainment den or play area for kids – more useful than letting it be an old, dusty storage room.

Work desks are not for piled papers

Important papers, piled on top of each other, collecting dust, need not evict you from your work desk. You don’t have to keep working on your bed, surrounded by sheets of papers and getting back aches. Take the time to organize the documents into labelled office boxes, throw unnecessary papers, and transfer them into your self-storage unit.

Have more garage space for your vehicles

Your garage at home can only hold so much. Find a home for your ski jets, vintage cars and motorbikes in your self-storage unit. There, you can be sure that your vehicles are in safe hands, sealed in your own unit.

Convinced in getting a self-storage unit for any of the reasons listed above? Invest in your own self-storage unit now by looking for self-storage near me.

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