How to Break into the Australian Mining Industry

miningSo you've seen your mates coming home with the big bucks and enjoying the fruits of their work in the mining industry and you want in? There are plenty of jobs in the mining industry and they are always recruiting you just have to find your way in. So how do you cash in on the Australian Mining boom and enjoy some of those tasty fruits for yourself? Here are some of the minimum requirements for getting your foot in the door.

Vehicle Licences

Most mining sites require that you hold a current Australian Drivers Licence. There are some roles that it is not required for but you will need to check whether it is a requirement of the role that you are going for.

Heavy Rigid HR Licence

Having your truck licence could be a way to get in and would definitely be advantageous if you want to work in the mining industry but check if you need one before you fork out the cash to get it.


The MARCSTA (Mining and Resource Contractors Safety Training Association) induction is a requirement for anyone working in the mining industry. It was developed to ensure safety procedures are standardised within the industry for employees that are moving within the different sites. It is reviewed annually by the mining industry, OHS training providers, equipment suppliers and the regulatory authorities.

Security Clearances

While some mine sites have different pre-employment procedures many will have some sort of security clearance required. This could mean a police check for mines in WA or a National Police Certificate for mines in other parts of Australia. An Australian Federal Police National Police Check will be required if the site you are going to is on Commonwealth Government Land. Different states have different sorts of security checks so it's best to contact the mining company you want to work for and find out what is needed for the site that you will be going to.

Medical Requirements

Upon a successful job offer a Pre-Employment Medical assessment will be conducted which will ensure that you are physically capable of fulfilling the role. Often this will involve questions about areas of your health including lifestyle, physical condition, personal health history, age/weight/height, blood pressure and heart rate.

Drug and Alcohol Screen

Both before you are employed and regularly throughout your work in the mining industry you will need to satisfy the requirements of a drug and alcohol screen which is conducted by medical professionals.


The MWHS consists of a Lung Function Test (Spirometry) and a Complient Audio Test, which are basic requirements of working within the mining industry. It is regulated by the Department of Mines and Petroleum and is renewed every five years.

Contact a Recruitment Agency

Your best bet for finding out how to get some of that cash from the mining boom to come into your bank account is to contact one of the recruitment agencies and ask them. One Key Resources is one of the larger ones that you could contact for more information.

This article was published on behalf of Ms. Kathy M. Kathy’s husband has recently managed to land a job in the lucrative Australian mining industry and she wanted to share the experience with others looking to do the same.

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