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The Future of Danish Shares in the Stock Market of Denmark

DenmarkIn the every changing global market place, Denmark has managed to make its name as a top investment destination across the world. Investors especially from China and Asia prefer shares and companies based in Denmark. Today, we will share with you the top seven reasons why Denmark is an investment hotspot.

1. Complete transparency

The hallmark of good governance is the level of transparency in the day-to-day dealings. Denmark has been consistently voted one of the least corrupt nations across the globe by various agencies that monitor corruption. This atmosphere ensures that companies can conduct their dealings, including those in Danish shares, in a fair manner.

2. Access to a large consumer base

Any business needs a consumer base to thrive and expand. Since Denmark is a part of the European Union, companies can sell their products in any country within the European Union without any restriction. So in effect, companies have access to the entire European consumer base.

3. Very flexible laws related to labor

Most companies across the world have a rigid system when it comes to labor laws. However, Denmark employs a system that allows companies based in the country to be flexible when recruiting or laying off employees. As a result, companies have an environment where they can work round the clock and all days of the year.

4. Extremely simple to start a company

Red tape and delay in getting permits are two of the most common complaints by companies across the world. However, in Denmark, the average number of days to have your business up and running is five working days. This short time period is meant to encourage more and more businesses to set up shop in Denmark.

5. Access to an educated workforce

Companies across the world face problem with recruiting because most countries do not have a high number of educated workforce. In Denmark, this is one issue, which is never faced. Denmark has a very high literacy rate. As a result, companies have access to a workforce, which is dynamic and educated. This helps companies work with the best minds thus leading to higher productivity. Consequently, the Danish shares enjoy a steady growth rate too.

6. Excellent transport network

Another aspect that companies struggle with is the transport network. Most countries do not possess a network, which is seamless and integrated. Denmark on the other hand, has one of the top transport networks across the world. Both air and road networks are extremely well-operated thus allowing companies to move their goods faster.

7. Technology leaders and environmentally friendly practices

Denmark leads the globe when it comes to the penetration of technology in the country. Nearly 80% of the population is tech savvy. Denmark also leads the world in using alternate fuels like bio fuels instead of fossil fuels like petroleum.

As you can see from the above points, Denmark provides companies all the opportunities to grow without any red tape or corruption. As a result, the country is fast becoming a very attractive investment option for global investors, who are showing increasing interest in Danish shares.

This article is written by Mark Neyton. He is a freelance writere for more than 4 years and he is interested in various topics like business and finances. Mark has been working for one of the biggest finance companies in Denmark. For even more usefuk information or if you want to learn more about the advantages of Danish shares with Teller (the term in Danish is Danske aktier DanskeInvest) check out this web page.

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