Tips to Attract Awesome Talent during In-house Staff Recruitment

staff-recruitingThe most critical and valuable resource required to build a real Company are its employees. To make a great team is no easy task and requires considerable effort by using smart marketing tactics. With talents having multiple choices the task is even more challenging to attract them to the organization. However, companies have many attractive options to attract talents effectively besides offering salaries and perks. Here are few practical and innovative ways to transform a business from a little possible place of employment to a desired career destination.

Effective Employee Referral Programme

To attract top talent, you need to engage with the skills you have internally. Highly engaged and motivated employees are the most efficient source of referrals and can give you the access to the talent pool you are looking for. Internal employees are also a strong reason why their peers would join you in the first place as a strong positive feedback on the work environment and culture give considerable comfort to the future employee.

Employment Vs Career Destination

Companies have to formulate human resource solutions by adopting highly effective marketing strategy or tactics to position the organization as not just a profession but a career destination of choice. Salaries and perks are not the only attraction for top talents as they would like to work in an environment which encourages innovation, freedom to experiment, and that encourages to explore new ways of doing the same job efficiently. If HR recruitment agencies are engaged in the talent hunt, they should be trained to highlight the same to future candidates to draw their attention and attract them to the company.

Streamlining Hiring and Interview Process

Top talents are hard to get and even tougher to bring on-board unless the entire hiring process is fast and transparent. Manpower Consultants often complain of losing out on good candidates as the interview process took too long to close. Top talents are in high demand and are being poached simultaneously by multiple organizations. Therefore, speed is the essence in closing out on open positions. Moreover, delays often portray a negative image of the company as being slow in decision making and bureaucratic. Transparent feedback post interview is advised as it creates a positive feel about the organization and its HR process.

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Mobile as Marketing Tools

The most challenging and time-consuming part of the entire hiring process is the identification of the talent pool and reaching out to them in the shortest time possible. The traditional ways of advertising for vacancies are passé, and new more useful tools are now available to all recruiters and companies. Social Media sites like Facebook or professional sites like Linkedin enables recruiters, including international recruitment agencies to identify talents and communicate with them faster. These sites also help HR to scrutinize their professional profile and social network to identify the right candidate for hiring.

With the advent of Mobile apps and the increasing usage of the handheld device as a means of all essential activity, it is of crucial importance that companies devise as an effective marketing strategy to reach out and communicate through mobile which can involve resume uploads to scheduling video interviews over the phone. This way, it not only cuts down on time but also is appreciate by candidates as a tech-savvy and progressive organization.

In a fast, competitive environment, companies have to innovate continuously and think ahead of time to attract and also retain the top talents. It needs marketing skills and planning with a right mix of internal employee engagement, efficient hiring process and the best use of technology to reach out to the right candidates and attract them to your company as the best choice for a career destination.

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