Ways to Recruit & Retain Workforce

Graduating from high school or a university means different companies will soon be flooded with resumes and job requests. Apparently you'll find a lot of candidates that fits the organizational eligibility criteria but only two or three are truly exceptional and visionary. For in-house recruiters, attracting some of the most skilled personnel can be a new ball game and it goes beyond the typical job boards, career fairs and old-fashioned "we're hiring" message on the official website.recruitment

But, finding and recruiting isn't end of the game as retaining them is among the biggest challenge. To retain the top and unique talent, internal re-recruitment for absolute motivation is a must practice by the company's management. It further solidifies loyalty and make workers feel like a team, a part of the corporate family which is crucial to keep them in the long-run. You must be thinking about re-recruiting the best employees so read on for clarification and more intrinsic details.

  1. They were recruited initially

Just as you found something unique in an individual before recruitment, other companies are likely to do so and they're also at an advantage because these employees would've gained more exposure and experience in their specific field. With the outgrowth of social media, brightest employees are frequently contacted by various employers and recruiting firms. To retain them, introduce rewards after hearing what they had to say.

  1. They've options to switch

Outstanding employees are creative, self-driven, skilled and always seeking new challenges to polish their skills. You'll always find them in adrenaline state and as a result; their reputation, experience and skillset surmount everything else. This is the reason they've options to switch outside of the present workplace where value calls them.

  1. Eager for more challenges

Some may find it disturbing but exceptional employees are always looking for more challenges, on-the-job opportunities to distinguish themselves and make a lasting impression. It only provides them a new ground to conquer and something unique they haven't encountered before hence a learning opportunity throughout. "Stagnation" isn't in their dictionary as they always hunt for more.

  1. Keeping the "fire" alive

There's a time when employees feel stuck at one place and eventually fall into a rut. Industry veterans say that this can happen even in 18 months after recruitment and among st the brightest employees. Companies therefore have to keep the "fire" alive, which means always find new ways to motivate and rekindle the spark that was present when the individuals first showed up.

  1. You can't afford to lose them

Some employers don't realize the importance of fantastic subordinates till they lose them. What's more frustrating is when they join hands with your competitor or even establish their own business. This is quite common nowadays with intense market competition where something new is always bubbling up. Organizations should cope with the latest trends and determine what keep these brilliant workers motivated, devise strategies accordingly without compromising the ultimate goal.

  1. An attractive workplace environment

It's about time when companies begin realizing the importance of appealing workplace that inspires creativity where you actually want to work. This "attractiveness" won't just come from interior decoration but rewards and appreciation, game time with employers, character building exercises, on-the-job training sessions all are included.

For instance, a recruitment agency in Dubai before outsourcing a candidate to a multi-national firm would see if applicant is able to cope with diverse workplace and is creative. The reason we mentioned Dubai is because it's currently the best place for local and international businesses to flourish.


If you're a wise employer, don't wait for another company to steal your best talent. Carefully understand the above details and make strategies accordingly!

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