Recruiting for Your Business without The Overheads

labour hire workerNext time you need to recruit an employee for a temporary or permanent role consider leveraging off the services of a labour hire firm. Not only will they take all the stress off your shoulders but they will find the perfect candidate and solve your needs without the typical recruitment costs. It really is the perfect solution. Let’s take a look at how their services can greatly benefit you.

What is a labour hire firm?

A labour hire firm acts as the employer for workers that you bring on board to fulfil your workforce needs. Candidates are all employed by the labour hire company which means that they are not on your books. This frees you up immediately from any of the typical recruitment tasks as well as inducting, training and paying wages or entitlements.

You are not responsible for paying wages directly nor for any entitlements.

Recruitment is expensive and time-consuming

If you have ever recruited you will know how long the process can be as well as expensive. Advertising, sorting through applications, interviewing, undertaking checks, training…need I go on. And when you are only looking to hire someone for a temporary position it becomes even more stressful. The perfect solution is to bypass all this hassle. Stop spending time away from your business and keep your focus on what matters by leveraging off a labour hire firm. Recruitment is a thing of the past when you use their services.

Quality skilled workers are just a phone call away

No mater what time of the day or night you need someone to fill a vacancy due to an unforeseen illness, a labour hire agency has the pool of quality skilled workers ready to go. The task of keeping candidates trained, certified and industry accredited falls on their shoulders which means that all you need to do is advise them of what job you need doing and for how long and the perfect person, or team, will be assigned the job.

The perfect solution for your business

There are many alternatives around including recruitment and temp agencies. Both also take the pressure off you when it comes to finding the perfect person to fulfil your workplace needs however there are differences. Once a candidate is selected they typically become your employee. You are then responsible for them for the duration of the contract. With a labour hire firm, you don’t retain the workers on your books. You don’t have to worry about entitlements. You don’t have to train up staff or complete heaps of paperwork. All that falls on the labour hire agency. The hardest part for you is picking someone from their highly trained pool of workers because the options will be enormous.

If you work in an industry that has to deal with seasonal fluctuations you will know all too well the cost of having staff employed without work for them. When there is low demand it becomes a very costly exercise. The best solution is to be able to make a phone call and have someone arrive onsite tomorrow. Someone who knows your industry inside and out and is ready to pick up tools and get to work. Imagine how perfect that would be. Whether you need a welder, a kitchen hand, store person or fork lift driver, there is bound to be the perfect person ready to step in.

Spend more time running your business and less time recruiting. Labour hire firms really are the perfect solution. Consider contacting one who can help your business next time you are looking for the perfect candidate.

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