Tips for Employment in Middle East countries

middle-east-countriesThe Middle Eastern countries offer some great deals while it comes to job opportunities. With majority of its workforce comprising foreigners, expatriates can choose from numerous options. Read the following article to know more.

The Middle Eastern countries offer some lucrative deals while it comes to employment opportunities for the expatriates. Yes; and by now we all are aware that the workforce of the country largely comprises a large percentage of expatriates from Asian and European countries. Employment opportunities are plenty in the Middle Eastern countries. Industries where one can find employment in the Gulf Countries are oil and gas, tourism, hospitality, healthcare and marketing. Of late, the Information Technology industry has also started attracting crowds from the expatriate segment of the country.

Some of the major cities that offer employment opportunities are Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the United Arab Emirates. But, come what lucrative it may sound, how do you go about applying for jobs in a foreign land? How do deal with the work permit and the visa part? Here is what you must know about job-hunting in the Gulf Countries.

Basic tips for Employment in the Middle Eastern countries are:

Applying through Online Job Portals: Sounds far-fetched? Perplexed? Do not be. In this era of Digital Media, applying for jobs through online job portals definitely help. If you search online, then you will come across several websites dedicated exclusively to the job prospects in the Middle East, for expatriates. Upload your resume on these websites. Make sure that you include all kinds of details pertaining to the requirement. Draft a proper cover letter and attach it with the same.

Online Profile: Having an active online profile is essential these days as it helps in easy access for the applicant. It also makes things easier for the employer to seek around the suitable employee through search engines.

Indulge in Market Research: Putting in substantial market research is of great significance. Do your best in terms of market research. Rather, the market research should come in the first place. Newspapers, journals and of course the Internet is there for your rescue. Advertisements and classifieds appear in newspapers about openings in the Middle Eastern countries. Scan through these advertisements and classifieds and apply accordingly. Follow newspapers and classifieds on a regular basis and continue applying in the openings that suit your profile.

Proper Networking: To be able to build up a proper networking is very essential; therefore do indulge in proper networking activities. Find out about jobs in the Middle East and get feedback from those who have already served there. Join some expatriate social groups online and engage in community activities. Regular interaction with expatriates will help you get a hang of the work culture and lifestyle in the Gulf Countries. You will know what to expect and what not to expect. More so, if you succeed in proper networking, you might land up fixing the international interview of some of the company representatives in your homeland itself.

Ensure Following Up: Understand that by just applying and waiting for things to happen will not help. You have to put an effort to make things work accordingly. Make sure you follow up at regular intervals and most importantly, you need to follow up with your prospective employers while you are in the city.

Work Permit/Visa Issues: Work permit and visa issues are of importance here. Make a thorough research on this part before taking any step ahead. Mainly two types of visas are offered in Dubai- one is a visit visa while the other is a work permit visa. Visit visas' duration is barely three months. Job seekers in the Middle East should understand, it is only the work permit visa that allows an individual to work and not the visit. Some quarks bluff people on this aspect, who do not have a very clear understanding of these issues. Visit visa can allow you to search for a job but you need to obtain work permit visa to be able to become a part of the actual workforce.

Applying for a job overseas is a tough task. So before taking any step indulge in proper research work, study all the pros and cons and then take the plunge. Most importantly, be patient and hopeful. It will definitely yield results.

Sampurna Majumder is a proficient writer currently writing for employment opportunities and economy of the Middle East. She has written various articles, news stories and blog posts on the economy of the Gulf Countries. The above post is a compilation of facts about searching jobs in the Middle East

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