Career as an HGV Driver can be Exciting. Read How!

hgvHGV driving is a much talked about career these days. There are a lot of jobs advertised daily and the pay is at least $800 to $1000 per week which attracts many people. There are many people who are completely unaware of this career and are looking for more information about the kind of job this is and what experience and growth opportunities it has to offer.

HGV driving is an exciting career with excellent growth opportunities. Let us see how the career can change your life for the better.

An Ever Green Profession!

The most common thing most drivers will tell you about this profession is that it is secure. HGV driving is an art which will never grow old. If you get the proper licencing once, there are always companies that are looking for qualified drivers for their new vehicles. We also saw cases where entire companies closed down and drivers were out of job but almost all of them were able to get new jobs in the same field within a couple of weeks. Whenever a new transportation company starts or an existing company expands its operations, the highest vacancies are announced for drivers. This kind of job security and surety makes this an excellent profession.


Be Your Own Boss!

Unlike office jobs where you have to sit in your cubical for hours, HGV driving is always on the road and you are never bound to one place. There is no boss who will be supervising you and assigning you new tasks 8 or 10 hours a day. Most drivers are told about the goods they are carrying and their destination and it is then their own duty to get the cargo delivered. This kind of job gives you freedom of being your own boss and working at our own pace to meet the goal.

Good Vacation Opportunities

Many people argue that HGV driver are on the road, sometimes, for a full week and don't get to see their families very often. This is true but not really a disadvantage. Consider an office employee who gets to see his family daily for 4 or 5 hours but does not have the time to take them anywhere as he has to again go to office the next day. On the contrary, when HGV drivers get off after completing delivery job that took maybe around 2 weeks or more, they get almost a good week off their job which they can completely spend with families and have sufficient time and resource on their hands to take them anywhere they want. This shows that HGV drivers will always have more time on their hands to enjoy with their families who often get to spend only 1 or 2 vacations with their families in one year.

Exposure to Experiences


Being an HGV driver, you will get to travel to different locations all around the country. This will not only make you an expert on travelling, but will also help you meet people from places that others might not visit ever in the entire lives. There is a joy in knowing that you are friends with people from all over the country. Moreover, the experience that you gain while travelling on different terrains is also valuable. You are the guy who knows all about travelling in different seasons and to different areas. This experience will obviously benefit you in your daily life as well.

We are pretty sure that this description of the life of an HGV driver will want you to get done with your HGV training courses ASAP! This is a career that not only offers exciting life and opportunities but also a good salary.

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