Teach and Make Money While Doing Your Homework

ferferferIf you are looking for a way to make a little extra money and still manage to complete your homework at the same time, then why not offer your skills for a teaching position? Let’s face it, students never almost always are short on cash. Having a full-time job is next to impossible with all of that study time you need to fit into your schedule. What if you could tutor others without sacrificing the quality of your work? Your teachers will be impressed and you won’t be broke anymore. And the best part, you’ll be helping another student survive a class that you’ve already taken.

Give Music Lessons

Holding a traditional job can be complicated and the hours inconvenient. One great way to make extra money and still have time to get your homework done is to give music lessons. While it’s true not everyone knows how to play a musical instrument, a lot of people do. If you’re one of them, why not advertise on some social media sites? You could charge anywhere from $10/hr to $15/hr. If you’re really skilled with a musical instrument you could raise the tuition fee a little per hour but charging too much will scare off customers that might not otherwise be able to afford your services.

Get All of Your Homework Done

Another good place to search if you want to make money online is a company called All Homework. The website allows you to sign up and search for available assignments. You have to bid on each project though but if you enter in the right grade amount that you think you can get based on what type of grade you can get out of it. Payout is through Paypal every time you reach the $10 minimum payout so be sure to type in the correct email you have with Paypal otherwise you will not be able to get paid. (When you’re hurting for cash you do not want it to fall into the wrong hands).

Apply For a Teaching Job

If you happen to be interested in seriously teaching others, applying for a teaching job just might be what you would enjoy doing as a side-job of even a full time job. The website: www.expertsmind.com offers plenty of positions if you can pass the specific tests they require. However, unlike the competing sites, payout is based around the hour. It’s a great way to earn some pocket money but that’s about it. Once you hit the set amount you will get paid.

Homework Writers for Hire

For those serious about helping others with their homework, Writingjobz.com has a handful of positions currently available for hire. What makes it beautiful is that you can work whenever you want to without having to commit to a structured work schedule as with a traditional job. The work assignments are based on a few key things: availability, skill, and experience. It’s a great way to earn part-time or full-time income while you’re taking classes.

Other Ideas

There are many opportunities to make money while doing your homework at the same time. Some avenues demand a little more commit than others but if you’re willing to work hard and stay focused you’ll discover that the pros far outweigh the cons.

For example, if you’re studying to be a vet, why not go into self-employment and walk your neighbor’s dogs and dog sit? Or cat sit? You probably don’t want to walk cats with dogs though…its easy work and it will allow you to become familiar with different breeds of animals that you might be working with one day.

Want to be a professional baker? While you’re in between batches, you can easily chip away at your homework (or a friend’s if they need help). Then you can turn around and bag or box up your delicious treats to share with others at school or in your community to promote your incredible kitchen skills, (at least until you open up that bakery you’ve always dreamed of).

Overall, if you are a student that wants to offer homework help, why not try one of the above sites? It will earn you some extra pocket money and you will be able to work virtually anywhere! These sites work great with a student’s hectic schedule and best of all, as long as you have access to the internet you can sign on from just about anywhere you’d like as long as you have a laptop computer.

If you have any questions, please ask below!