The World’s Best Paying Jobs

best-jobsWhile some high paying jobs may not come as a surprise to you, you may find a few on the list that you did not expect. When looking into the best paying jobs, it is important to consider factors other than the pay. For instance, you may find that many of these jobs require that employees frequently undergo employee evaluation, so knowing employee evaluation software may help you get familiar with job expectations of the five top paying jobs in the world:


It may come as no surprise that a neurosurgeon pays the most worldwide. Not only does this profession require a great amount of skill, but it is also highly stressful. Neurosurgeons literally have life and death in their hands and they also have to keep up with the latest in technology. On average, the lowest amount a neurosurgeon makes a little less than $120,000 per year, but some sources report a yearly salary of about $660,000 even though the average tends to be closer to $250,000.

Computer Engineer

Computer engineers are becoming more common, so the highest salaries may have lowered over the past few years. However, with computers so prevalent in all industries, it should come as no surprise that computer engineers are among the most highly paid professionals in the world. The lowest salary for this profession does not reach lower than $58,000 per year, but some computer engineers make more than $120,000 annually.


It may come as a surprise that accountants are among the highest paid people in the world. However, they do work beyond the busy four-month tax season in the United States and have many positions working privately or for larger companies. Not only are accountants one of the most highly paid professions, but it is also one of the most popular. On average, accountants do not make less than $30,000 a year, but senior level accountants can take in more than $100,000 annually.

Airline Pilot

There are many people who still hope to be pilots because of the thrill of flying. However, like neurosurgeons, being a pilot takes lots of skill and training. Furthermore, it can also be very stressful and hard work. Still, the perks of traveling all over the world can be a great draw for many. It should be noted that most pilots start off on the lower end of the spectrum around $18,000 per year, but some pilots can reach a maximum salary of $250,000 per year.


Lawyers are among some of the highest paid professionals all over the world and have been for decades. While it may not take the physical dexterity of a profession such as a neurosurgeon or pilot, it does take lots of mental skill and several years of schooling to become one of the best. Most lawyers start at a minimum salary of $44,000 a year and typically tops out at $170,000 but averages at $112,000.

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