The Top Ten Businesses to work for in Washington, DC

America’s capital is famous for its highly charged political environment that makes the city a center for high profile public institutions, non-profits, lobbying organizations, and academic institutions. Less famous however is the hard working and creative business environment powering the city as a whole.
Challenges Businesses Face and How to Overcome Them

Home to many sectors and many employees, Washington DC is a fantastic place to work and here are some of the very best as considered for concerns of leadership, work-life-balance, work environment, and professional growth.

Google is much loved by its employees for its impressive set of perks and benefits. From free food to free haircuts, working at Google can feel like having a student card at a great university. Rigorous and efficient in all matters, the company also works smoothly. The company strives as well to offer a healthy and inclusive environment for employees regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference and has a number of workshops to sustain this in their company culture.

Baird is an investment firm that gets high marks amongst employees for its commitment to integrity and teamwork. The company offers paid time off for volunteer work and two-thirds of employees own shares in the company.

Employees rate this banking and lending titan highly for benefits and work-life balance. Growing your career in the company is quite easy and flexible in many directions. The company also offers employees a free health center and gym as well as opportunities for remote working and organizational movement.

The Boston Consulting Group is very supportive of employee health with 100% coverage, unlimited sick days, and a free gym. The company offers a very inclusive culture that is LGBT friendly and works to reward new talent with many employees receiving college-tuition reimbursement.

Wegman’s Food Market is a grocery chain with more than 100 years behind it. It promotes non-discrimination and employee satisfaction, even offering free birthday cakes to promote happiness amongst staff. Moreover, the company offers flexible working hours and promotion opportunity.

This big financer of the mortgage finance market is popular with its employees for a number of reasons. Big amongst them is employee growth and management quality. In addition to good pay and benefits, employees rate the company’s attention to education and internal communications for smooth workflows and cross-team cooperation. The company is also very active in volunteering activities.

Genentech is a biotech company with a fun reputation despite it’s serious scientific pursuits. The company is at the forefront of medical engineering and offers paid sabbaticals to many employees. The company also offers good benefits and onsite childcare.

A global communications and business strategy firm, APCO is well-liked by employees for an entrepreneurial culture that encourages them to take risks and learn. Colleague quality and communication is prized by many and extends across the company’s offices. Professional growth is perhaps the company’s best feature and supplemented by a pizza and beer happy hours on Thursdays.

As a software maker for HR services, Ultimate Software pays special attention to this component of its operations and is much liked by many employees for its friendly and accessible company culture. Along with great benefits, the company offers paid time off for volunteering.

Salesforce offers a healthy company culture with good benefits such as an onsite fitness center and prizes a family culture that encourages equality, service, and innovation. The company gives employees a full week off each year to volunteer.

In recent years there has definitely been an emphasis placed on employee engagement and job satisfaction.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a study showing the decline in the median number of years that wage and salary workers now stay with their current employer, so competition to keep a valuable employee is fierce.

Companies are getting more creative with the perks and packages on offer. From Prestigious office space to a week’s paid leave for volunteering, to student loan assistanceand “Unlimited Paid Time Off” toCollege Achievement plansor free on site spa services and even ski season passes!

Employers are listening to what is important to their staff and prospective employees in a bid to attract and keep hold of their prized assets and help create a better work life balance. So beware, if you aren’t looking after your employee well, they are probably ripe for the picking!

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