How to Get Noticed at Work

14302595448_3fedd8612e_zNowadays it seems like it is all about how you sell а product and how you promote it. The quality of a product is not quite so important for the growth of its sales. With the right advertising even the quirkiest things will be bought by customers. Very often most qualitative products fall into oblivion simply because no one ever heard of them. In most companies, especially the big ones, the situation is likewise. Do you want to be one of the neglected employees, which nobody sees?

If not, read the tips below and start applying them right away.

Why Being Visible Is So Important?

Studies show that women are mainly oriented towards hard work as a key to professional growth. It indicates that we set too low the advantages of networking and being visible in the office. If you are the most diligent worker, but nobody heard of your achievements, you can only hope that someone will promote you, award you or have you into account for future projects. You have to get stuck in people's minds so that they will think of you when needed.

Getting Out Of The Shadows

As I mentioned above, most women feel very uncomfortable with the idea of speaking out and raising awareness to their accomplishments. What we have to do is overcome the fear of rejection and stand up for the things we want and deserve. Clean up your head, set your future goals and remember what are your most powerful skills and qualities, so that these things can become the basis of your business style and image.

Here are a few hints on how to create a "visible" you:

  • Promote yourself. Talk about your accomplishments whenever you find it suitable, but be careful not to become tedious, thus you will get the opposite effect. It might be helpful to write down few of the abilities or achievements you are most popular with at work, and communicate them to your co-workers.
  • Become a specialist. Think what type of skills your managers look for in their employees and what skills are valuable for your industry. Try hard to develop these abilities, enroll in additional business trainings and become the specialist that will be noticed and wanted from your workmates.
  • Take notes of your achievements. Whether a colleague of yours complimented you, or a client praised your efforts, all of it should be written down in a notepad or a file on your computer. Sometimes compliments can be sent through e-mail or they may come via review on a company website. Either way save this information, because you may need it later. When you decide to ask for a promotion or wage increase this file will be a solid basis, which can not be passed easily.
  • Make connections. Take time to communicate with your colleagues and talk eye to eye with them each and every day. Remember to smile and maintain a positive attitude. Never forget to praise their achievements if you consider that they did a really good job. If one of the heads is present, better still.
  • Get involved. Participating in some additional activities within your organization is always a good occasion to socialize and impress. Whether it is a charity or sports event, do not hesitate to attend it. The more they see you, the better.

As a Marketing specialist in a commercial cleaning company I've been in the field of business a lot. My experience taught me that hard work is just a small part of the journey called "building career". It is necessary to have a wide range of qualities and developing them is where great effort comes to place. So roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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